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 +======What is the difference between a Cleric, a Mage and a Magical Creature?​======
 +=====Getting new powers=====
 +  * **Clerics**:​ Taught according to their rank in the church hierarchy, or they may ask their Gods for more abilities (if they have been sufficiently devout or made the necessary sacrifices)
 +  * **Mages** (including **Alchemists**):​ Taught by a more knowledgeable Mage (rare), or self taught through lots of experimentation from books on magic (there are many fake books of magic that are completely useless, so also rare). ​ Or much time spent researching new applications.
 +  * **Magical Creatures**:​ Innate, may change with age or practice - but will never diverge from the creature'​s "​theme"​. ​ However some creatures are also Mages or Clerics. ​ Magical Creatures includes Rakshasa, Elves, Trolls and Dwarves. ​ But nor Orcs, Goblins or Giants - which are creations without being magical.
 +=====Using Powers=====
 +  * Clerics and most Magical Creatures use their personal END.  If a Cleric is working directly in a God's purpose - then they are granted whatever END they need (it comes from the ley line for that God)
 +  * Mages and some Magical Creatures (notably Elves and Dwarves) us the END reserve in Ley Lines (but are also slightly more susceptible to changes in magical weather).
 +=====Casting a spell/​miracle/​ability=====
 +  * Clerics roll Faith.
 +  * Mages roll Tap, and may also try a Magical Control roll to modify the power going into a spell (It means that if they do very well with Tap, they can control the surge better.
 +  * Magical Creatures usually don't need to roll any skill to use their innate abilities.
 +=====Outside Influence=====
 +  * Clerics are limited to the ley lines between the places of their worship. ​ If they follow the major religion of their country and stay in populated areas, this usually isn't a problem. ​ If they venture to sparser arease (such as the Horse Wilds) they will have great difficulty the further they go.  If they travel to a place where their religion is not dominant, they will also have great difficulty. ​ If they go where there are no worshippers - they have no power at all.  Magical weather affects Clerics only when they attempt to call on a miracle or (for the higher ranks) communicate with their Gods.
 +  * Mages can use any ley lines of any religion. Magical weather affects Mages only when they attempt to cast a spell.
 +  * Magical Creatures are usually affected by magical weather - it can cause sickness.
 +  * Magic items are affected by Magical weather if they don't use charges. ​ If they use charges, then the weather only affects them when they attempt to recharge. ​ Magical items disrupt the spells of Mages and Clerics but not Magical Creatures.
 What is the difference between a Cleric, a Mage and a Magical Creature? ()