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What is the difference between a Cleric, a Mage and a Magical Creature?

Getting new powers

  • Clerics: Taught according to their rank in the church hierarchy, or they may ask their Gods for more abilities (if they have been sufficiently devout or made the necessary sacrifices)
  • Mages (including Alchemists): Taught by a more knowledgeable Mage (rare), or self taught through lots of experimentation from books on magic (there are many fake books of magic that are completely useless, so also rare). Or much time spent researching new applications.
  • Magical Creatures: Innate, may change with age or practice - but will never diverge from the creature's “theme”. However some creatures are also Mages or Clerics. Magical Creatures includes Rakshasa, Elves, Trolls and Dwarves. But nor Orcs, Goblins or Giants - which are creations without being magical.

Using Powers

  • Clerics and most Magical Creatures use their personal END. If a Cleric is working directly in a God's purpose - then they are granted whatever END they need (it comes from the ley line for that God)
  • Mages and some Magical Creatures (notably Elves and Dwarves) us the END reserve in Ley Lines (but are also slightly more susceptible to changes in magical weather).

Casting a spell/miracle/ability

  • Clerics roll Faith.
  • Mages roll Tap, and may also try a Magical Control roll to modify the power going into a spell (It means that if they do very well with Tap, they can control the surge better.
  • Magical Creatures usually don't need to roll any skill to use their innate abilities.

Outside Influence

  • Clerics are limited to the ley lines between the places of their worship. If they follow the major religion of their country and stay in populated areas, this usually isn't a problem. If they venture to sparser arease (such as the Horse Wilds) they will have great difficulty the further they go. If they travel to a place where their religion is not dominant, they will also have great difficulty. If they go where there are no worshippers - they have no power at all. Magical weather affects Clerics only when they attempt to call on a miracle or (for the higher ranks) communicate with their Gods.
  • Mages can use any ley lines of any religion. Magical weather affects Mages only when they attempt to cast a spell.
  • Magical Creatures are usually affected by magical weather - it can cause sickness.
  • Magic items are affected by Magical weather if they don't use charges. If they use charges, then the weather only affects them when they attempt to recharge. Magical items disrupt the spells of Mages and Clerics but not Magical Creatures.
 What is the difference between a Cleric, a Mage and a Magical Creature? ()