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 +In his mid-20s, Cadmus is not really much to look at. He is of average height, with short, black hair and green, grey-flecked eyes. He is nearly always clean-shaven. While well-built from his years on the road, learning from bardic masters while lugging and protecting their belongings, his fairly plain looks mean most people do not spare him a second glance. Indeed, if people were to look at him, they would probably see the clothes and jewellery he wears before the man himself — for Cadmus always wears the latest styles utilising the nicest cloths, along with expensive rings, earrings and cloak clasps. But when Cadmus projects himself for an audience, all eyes fix on the man behind the clothes. It is as though his bardic training allows him to seem taller, more personable and more vibrant. People like to be around Cadmus.
 +His songs, while passable, are not what make him a favoured entertainer-that comes from his wit, jokes and story-telling skills. No matter how old the story or how many times you've heard it, Cadmus nearly always makes it sound new. Of course, it helps that he is a warm, happy, courteous guy who makes friends easily and goes out of his way to help them. Sure, he can be a bit inconsistent when it comes to arriving places on time, but if he said he'll be there, he will be-possibly just a little later than most of the other guests. If there is a party, Cadmus will add to the atmosphere. If there is a pub to visit, Cadmus will always stop for a drink and a chat. If it's a simple gathering in the street, Cadmus will have a friendly word to share.
 +His ability to make friends has helped Cadmus significantly over the years and allows him to move in circles both low and high. Of course, as he always says, high is usually better — the company may not be as raucous, but the creature comforts more than make up for that. His current position with Baron Alden may seem surprising to people who know them both — well, perhaps to the people who know Alden. On the surface it may appear that Cadmus is really only taking advantage of the Baron's wealth and social status to further his career, and Cadmus would certainly be the first to admit to anyone not the Baron or his henchmen that this idea does owe something to the truth.
 +However, Cadmus' lifestyle and charisma has meant that he can go, with absolute ease, to places that Alden and his henchmen can't. He can find information quickly, and he always seems to know a guy who knows a guy who knows a friend of a cousin. His use is undeniable–unless you are Thodric. But then, Cadmus does not think he needs to be 'useful'. As his grandfather, Conrad, always drilled into him, a bard does not always need to be useful, like a sword or a hammer. For most people, a bard is more like a work of art-something to be valued simply for the pleasure he brings to others. And Cadmus is very good at that.
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