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 +Alchemy is a multipower framework that must have the following limitations -
 +  * Delayed Effect (May have number of potions equal to INT; +1/4) 
 +  * Extra Time (6 Hours, Character May Take No Other Actions, -3 3/4)
 +  * OAF Fragile (-1 1/4)
 +  * Requires A Skill Roll And A Skill Roll (Alchemy and Tap; -3/4)
 +  * Gestures (Requires both hands; Complex; -3/4)
 +  * Concentration (0 DCV; -1/2)
 +  * Conditional Power (Requires alchemical equipment to prepare, and the necessary ingredients. -1/2)
 +  * Restrainable (-1/2)
 +For a total limitation of **-7 3/4**
 +In order to create the potion, 6 hours of time must be spent making the potion with the correct ingredients and equipment, with various runic gestures and incantations.  The active points of the potion determine the modifier to the Alchemy skill roll (-1 for every 10 active points of the potion).  And then a Tap roll is made to channel mana into the potion (or enchanted object if creating a magical item).
 +All the limitations occur in the preparation of the potion, except for "restrainable" which simulates that someone attempting to use a potion, cannot do so if tied up, grabbed or otherwise prevented from the obvious moves necessary, and "OAF fragile" which simulated the container for the finished potion (as well as the alchemical equipment used in preparation).
 +Potions can use the charges limitation, if they have a duration of time over which their effect occurs.  If they do use charges, the must also cost END (only to activate for **-1/4**), and have that limitation as well - to represent the mana transfer from the ley lines into the potion.
 +Many potions are thanks to the [[|Fantasy Hero Treasure Trove]] of Bob Hall.
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Cursed Potions|Cursed potions and poisons]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Movement Potions|Movement potions]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Combat Potions|Combat potions]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Defense Potions|Defense potions]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Other Potions|Other potions]]
 +====Potions in progress====
 +The following potions have not yet been converted to the 5th edition revised rules, but are included here for completeness sake.  
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Temp Potions|Potions in Progress]]
 +  * [[|Marcdoc's potions]]
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