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 +====== Spam Attack ======
 +Okay, it turns out this is really my fault - I allowed people to create their own accounts and register themselves. ​ There seems to be a problem with moderating new users currently. ​ I now have a workaround for new users. ​ Rather than the default access group for a new member being "​user"​ they will now be "​potential spammer"​. ​ This new usergroup only allows people to view the pages, not edit them or upload files. ​ If a new user can prove to me they aren't a spammer, then I'll change them to a higher access group so they can actually make changes to this wiki.
 +====Potential Spammers====
 +The current members of the **Potential Spammer** group are-
 +^ Nickname ^ Username ^ Email ^
 +| allaboutx | Nicolas Van orton | |
 +| freefilein | Lisa Andersson | |
 +| portal | portal | |
 +Any user not on this list, please feel free to email these people to determine if they are valid users of the wiki (it will save me chasing them up).
 +On a side note - the first two "new users" are confirmed as spammers. ​ They were previously members of Bitweaver - a content management system that looks quite buggy and doesn'​t exist now.  Evidently the spammers attacked bitweaver sites previously and are now targetting dokuwiki sites (such as this one).
 +In order to edit pages on the wiki, it is now required that you register. ​ The general public no longer have editing rights to the wiki (there is potential petty revenge from the spammers I've blocked).
 +If you wish to make changes to a page - register as a new user, and let me know so I can change you from Potential Spammer to User.
 Spam Attack ()