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 +====== Spam Attack ======
 +Okay, it turns out this is really my fault - I allowed people to create their own accounts and register themselves.  There seems to be a problem with moderating new users currently.  I now have a workaround for new users.  Rather than the default access group for a new member being "user" they will now be "potential spammer" This new usergroup only allows people to view the pages, not edit them or upload files.  If a new user can prove to me they aren't a spammer, then I'll change them to a higher access group so they can actually make changes to this wiki.
 +====Potential Spammers====
 +The current members of the **Potential Spammer** group are-
 +^ Nickname ^ Username ^ Email ^
 +| allaboutx | Nicolas Van orton | |
 +| freefilein | Lisa Andersson | |
 +| portal | portal | |
 +Any user not on this list, please feel free to email these people to determine if they are valid users of the wiki (it will save me chasing them up).
 +On a side note - the first two "new users" are confirmed as spammers.  They were previously members of Bitweaver - a content management system that looks quite buggy and doesn't exist now.  Evidently the spammers attacked bitweaver sites previously and are now targetting dokuwiki sites (such as this one).
 +In order to edit pages on the wiki, it is now required that you register.  The general public no longer have editing rights to the wiki (there is potential petty revenge from the spammers I've blocked).
 +If you wish to make changes to a page - register as a new user, and let me know so I can change you from Potential Spammer to User.
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