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 +====== Links ======
 +A link consists of either just the straight URL, or the URL and the name.  If you add a name to a link, that is shown instead of the URL and is easier to read.
 +There are two kinds of links in a Wiki - 
 +  * internal, links that lead to pages that are also in the Wiki and
 +  * external, links that lead to other websites
 +Links consist of double square brackets around the link - whether it is a URL or the name of a Wiki page.
 +  * [ [ http:// ] ]
 +  * [ [ Name of page ] ]
 +To add a name to a link, you include the pipeline character (shift+slash)
 +  * [ [ http:// | name of website ] ]
 +  * [ [ Name of page | name of page] ]
 +If you create a link to a page that does not yet exist, you can [[how_do_i_create_a_new_page|Create that page]]
 +A Red link points to a page that does not yet exist.
 +A Green link points to a page that does exist.
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