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 +====== Frequently Asked Question ======
 +===== Questions =====
 +=== Where can I experiment with the Wiki? ===
 +Try editing in the [[Playground]]
 +=== How do I create a new page? ===
 +Creating a page is simple.
 +  * [[how_do_i_edit_a_page|Edit an existing page]], and [[how_do_i_create_a_link|create a new link]].
 +  * Click on the new link and create the page.
 +It's important to make sure that new pages have unique names, otherwise you may be putting in a link to an existing page.  For this reason, and to help organise Wikis, there are "[[namespace|namespaces]]".
 +=== I keep getting boxes in my pages ===
 +If you copy and paste from a document in a word processing program, text editor, or from another webpage - you may see boxes appear when you save the page.
 +Boxes are caused by lines that start with two spaces or tabs.  Edit the offending line and remove them.
 +=== Do you have a template in wiki format for character formatting? ===
 +There is a template in the characters section (or namespace) if you create a new character page, you get a fill in the blanks type template. To create a new page in a different namespace, separate it with a colon.  For example a new character would have a link of double square open brackets then characters then a colon then the name of the character then double square close brackets.  [ [ characters : Name of Character ] ] 
 +  * I have written a Hero Designer export template that will export the file in a Wiki format that can be simply cut and pasted into this wiki.  You can download it here: [[]]
 +=== How do I add an image or other file? ===
 +While editing a page, click on the button to insert an image - it's the stylised landscape with two mountains and a sun {{}}, next to the signature button. The second from the right.
 +Browse to the file.
 +Upload it.
 +Then use {{}} to link to the image
 +  * You can also add HDC, HDE and HDP files with this dialog.  Make sure the filenames are lowercase, or they won't link properly.  Note: you can upload HD files to the [[|Hero Designer website]] now.
 +===== Discussions =====
 +== The Characters Template ==
 +Is this template (in the characters namespace) suitable for creating new pages about characters?  Should it be formatted differently?  --- //[[|Peter Cobcroft]] 2006/02/23 20:36//
 +== Other Templates and Namespaces ==
 +Should I create more namespaces and templates to go with them?  For example - if we have a page for each superskill/wuxia power or each package, should they be kept together and use a template to make their creation easy and uniform in layout?  Any other templates?  --- //[[|Peter Cobcroft]] 2006/02/23 20:36//
 +== Wiki stylesheet ==
 +If anyone has come across a template for the entire DokuWiki they think is better than the default you currently see here, let me know  --- //[[|Peter Cobcroft]] 2006/09/18 15:31//
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