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 +====== Peter (Curufea) Cobcroft ======
 +Peter Cobcroft is in his thirties, looks ten years younger and is
 +jaded enough for a sixty year old.  A fan of speculative fiction and
 +longtime gamer and dark age re-enactor, he works in the National
 +Library. He is often thought of as the "go-to guy" for computer
 +application problems or queries in his area - that area being the
 +best library webservice in the world.  He finds this troubling and
 +secretly hopes the rest of the world will get their act together
 +soon.  You can find various opinions of his with any search for his
 +nom d'internet of //Curufea// and he maintains a website of dubious
 +worth for experimentation and storing of gaming stuff.  He's quite proud
 +of his Farscape Music Videos though, as he won an award for one -
 +even though it didn't have crinkly fiddley bits around the edges.  He
 +regularly checks both yahoo and gmail for email when he's bored.
 +==== Locating Mr Cobcroft ==== 
 +(for any authors out there with a grudge)
 +**Street Address**
 +1 Eaves Street
 +Holt, Canberra
 +ACT 2615
 +LATITUDE: 35º 14' S [Decimal Degrees -35.233º]
 +LONGITUDE: 149º 01' E [Decimal Degrees 149.017º]
 +**Streetmap of my place**
 +[[|According to the ACT Government]]
 +**Aerial view of my place**
 +[[|Via City2See]]
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