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Doctor Who Gadgets

Artifacts used in the TV show that could be used with either of the Time Travel options above.

Psychic Paper

Cost: 1 point

  • Capable of Hanging a Spell (1) - the spell cannot be varied:
    • CASTING TIME: One hour, plus ten minutes per lynchpin (usually done on the TARDIS).
      LYNCHPINS: Gossamer Magic
      Displays a psychic image of suitable identification

The Sonic Screwdriver

The Classic Version
Cost: 1 point

  • Contains a Cantrip (1) - Open

The New Who Version
Cost: 4 points

  • Capabable of Hanging and Using Spells (4) - the current series Sonic Screwdriver is a noisy magic wand.


Cost: 42 points

The TARDIS consists of a Domain (also known as the inside of the TARDIS), a Control Console that is invested with Gossamer powers and which generates the outer appearance (or manifestation) of the TARDIS when it connects to a World. The Console bestows the Domain it is within to its operator. The following powers are part of the Control Console-

  • Personal Domain (1) - the inside of the TARDIS is a Domain controlled by the Console
    • Restricted Access (2) - the TARDIS is shielded - only special vulnerabilities when travelling that lower its defenses would allow intruders
    • Control of Destiny (4) - the TARDIS materialises when required, and can be summoned with a TARDIS Key
  • Immense Vitality (4) - the manifestation of the TARDIS that is generated by the Control Console can withstand tremendous amounts of damage. This vitality does not apply to the Console itself or other parts of the Domain
  • Engine Speed (4) - the manifestation of the TARDIS in the new series of Doctor Who may move as though it were a vehicle. Classic Doctor Who TARDISes do not have this power.
  • Peak Stamina (1) - the TARDIS uses stamina to connect to Worlds. However, in order to go to a different dimension (if using Option B) increase this to Paragon Stamina (2).
  • Invulnerable to Conventional Weapons (4) - again this applies only to the manifestation of the TARDIS, not the Control Console or the Domain
  • Able to Translate and Limited Intelligence (2) - The TARDIS is almost sentient
  • Danger Sensitivity (2) - The Hostile Action Displacement System
  • Psychic Resistance (1) - The TARDIS is not open to many psychic attacks.
  • Search Through Worlds (4) - The TARDIS is not able to enter the Grand Stair itself, but can search through Worlds to find the outcome desired by its operator and manifest in that World.
  • Mold Gossamer Reality (4) - This is a major difference from other ways to travel through Worlds - the TARDIS Control Console is able to manifest a Door in the World it wishes to travel to (called in the show “materialisation”). It doesn't use an existing door and turn it into a Door - but instead reaches out to a World, molds the Gossamer into a shape with a door, and connects to it with a Door. — Note: this power is also used to “reconfigure the TARDIS” and allows the Console to reshape the Domain it resides in into anything its operator requires.
  • Self Healing (1) - Damage to the manifestation or Domain of a TARDIS is not “repaired” in the sense that healing would be used. It's Gossamer, so it is Molded. However the Control Console itself is able to gradually repair itself - regaining its powers.
  • Named & Numbered Alternate Forms (2) - The Control Console has a number of “desktop themes” it uses to match the control room part of its Domain.
  • True Name is Known (1) - The operator of a TARDIS knows its True Name.
  • Confers Quality (5) - The TARDIS is able to confer the translation quality on its users.

Fringe Gadgets

Items from media other than the television show, but are nevertheless Doctor Who canon.

Bottle Universe

Cost: 3 points
Towards the end of the War in Heaven, the Time Lords sought to abandon the universe and find a place to hide from The Enemy. This included the creation and use of a Bottle Universe - a World only accessible from an artifact. A Bottle Universe World is not connected to the Grand Stair, but only to it's containing artifact. The artifact acts as a Door. A Bottle Universe is not as malleable as a TARDIS interior, but runs under its own rules set in place when first created. There is conjecture that our own universe is a Bottle Universe in the Doctor Who universe (think of it as Russian Dolls).

  • Personal Domain (1)
    • Restricted Access (2) - must use the Bottle to enter
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