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 +======Faction Roleplaying======
 +  * This page is for my **Amber** rules on how to include the Faction 
 +  * For updated rules for **Lords of Gossamer and Shadow** [[roleplaying:grandstair:start|see here]]
 +  * **Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space** rules (DWAITAS) - see the [[art:blurbpd|blurb here]] (was going to be a convention game) or the [[roleplaying:paradoxdiaspora|notes here]]
 +===Synopsis of the Book of the War===
 +  *
 +=====Character Creation=====
 +  * [[faction:FactionCharacter|Joining the Faction]]
 +    * [[faction:FactionRemote|Joining the Remote]]
 +  * [[faction:FactionCharacterstats|Character Statistics]]
 +  * [[faction:FactionRaces|Races]]
 +  * [[faction:FactionPowers|Powers]]
 +=====The Faction=====
 +  * [[faction:FactionRituals|Rituals of the Faction]]
 +  * [[faction:FactionRelics|Relics of the Faction]]
 +=====The Eleven Day Empire=====
 +  * [[faction:FactionMaps|Useful maps]]
 +=====Outside the Faction=====
 +  * [[faction:FactionLaws|The Laws of Time]] - As laid down by the Great Houses
 +  * [[faction:FactionPunishment|Punishment]] - As meted out by the Great Houses
 +  * [[faction:FactionHouses|The Great Houses]]
 +  * [[faction:FactionNPCs|NPCs]]
 +  * [[faction:FactionMultivers|The Multiverse]]
 +=====Conversion Table=====
 +<tr><th>Faction Paradox</th><th>Doctor Who</th></tr>
 +<tr><td>Breeding Engines</td><td> Looms</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>Caldera </td><td>Eye of Harmony</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>Casts </td><td>N-Forms and/or Shaydes</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>Eremites</td><td>Followers of the Pythia??</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>Evil Renegade</td><td>The Doctor</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>Great Houses</td><td>Time Lords</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>Hall of Addresses</td><td>Panoptican??</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>HEM</td><td>Skin of <a href="">the Cold</a></td></tr>
 +<tr><td>Homeworld</td><td>Gallifrey (or Gallifrey VIII)</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>Imperator Presidency</td><td>Morbius</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>Matter Altering Equations</td><td>Block Transfer Equations</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>Archemathics</td><td>Block Transfer Mathematics</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>Prison Planet</td><td>Shada</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>Protocols of the Great Houses</td><td>Laws of Time</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>Ruling Houses</td><td>High Council</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>War King</td><td>The Master</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>War Queen</td><td><strike>President Romana</strike> Lolita</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>Yssgaroth War</td><td>Vampire War / Eternal War</td></tr>
 +<tr><td>#-Form Timeship</td><td>Type # TARDIS</td></tr>