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The Irolon Times

April 3250

Ostmark mobilizes

www.stormfront.org_whitehistory_hwr28ii_files_hastings.jpeg“ Margravine Constantia of Ostmark has been gathering troops to attack the Duke of Bayern. Many believe this to be her first step in a bid for the Duchy itself. She is rumoured to be mad and to hate birds.

It is rumoured that Constantia is working closely with certain controversial church leaders who have encouraged her to raise the army, however - they appear now to be asking her to do nothing with the army, costing the Margravine hundreds of pounds every day.

Constantia's army is said to be keeping busy as bird hunters.

Kartaran scout parties found

“ Small groups of Kartaran soldiers have been detected in the Horse Wilds. Speculation is that they are advance scouts for a coming invasion.


Mysterious death in the town of Kremmenberg

” Execution style assassination of a guard for a wealthy merchant passing through the town of Kremmenberg. Locals suspect the merchant to be dealing in illicit goods and incited the hatred of the Guild of Thieves, notorious in those parts. colmid

The Red Star comes

“ Red Star cults have begun to spread across The Duchy of Irolo, from one end to the other. If rumours are to be believed, other nations are also experiencing this phenomena - although cult behaviour differs in each nation. The more orthodox Brondheimians are claiming it as the herald for Ragnarok. ” The Royal Astronomer of Ambria has said the Star has had children. At least three, in his opinion, have separated from it. He has also noticed that it is changing shape - occasionally becoming an ellipse, as though it were an eye opening and closing.

Visitation by Loki

“ Investigations are continuing in Alasrenoa concerning a certain wealthy merchant. One of Childeric Bandau's warehouses had a direct visitation by the God Loki himself several weeks ago, according the Hand of Odin. Childeric himself has not reported anything stolen, apparently that building was being rennovated at the time. The warehouse was destroyed. colend —- CategoryWesternshores

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