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 ====== Alien ====== ====== Alien ======
 Official website - https://​​ Official website - https://​​
 +===== Core mechanics =====
 +Dice pools.
 +Attribute + Skill + Gear = number of dice rolled. ​ If you have Stress Levels you also roll that many Stress Dice.  Special circumstances or difficulties may reduce or increase the number of dice used.  You need one 6 as a success. ​ Additional successes increase the usefulness of the skill in various ways (these are called stunts and vary from skill to skill).
 +If you fail to get any successes, you can Push your Skill. ​ You get 1 Stress Die (for the increased in Stress Level) and reroll any non-success die with your Stress Dice.
 +Any 1 on a Stress Dice is a Panic Roll.
 +A Panic Roll is 1d6 + how much Stress you have.  A 6 or less and nothing happens. ​ Things get worse if you roll higher than 6.
 +===== Stress Level =====
 +It isn't just pushing a skill that increases stress - many other things do.  Firing a gun on full auto, taking damage, going without food, sleep, water, a scientist failing to analyse something, being attacked by a crewmember, an unexpected android, encountering something weird.
 +However - there are things that reduce stress as well.
 ===== Files ===== ===== Files =====
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