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 +====== World Building Questions ======
 +Some ideas on how each player can contribute to building a world. ​ It's all about relationships and broad strokes that the GM or players can fill in the details of at a later date-
 +Genre of Airship Pirates I view as swashbuckling therefore, each player could do the following-
 +  * **Plot**
 +    * Who is your Arch Nemesis or Main Rival? ​ Why?
 +    * Name at least three people you hate and why.
 +    * Name at least three people you admire or love and why.
 +    * There are 50 crew - establish relationships of some sort with at least 3 of them (not including any complications you already have) - this also means naming them.  Ideally name them without consulting other players - I'm keen on getting rid of the media trope that every NPC must have a unique name :)
 +  * **Colour**
 +    * Invent a religion (it's post-apoc and it's America, they would have millions of new religions). ​ Maybe just a couple of sentences - and whether it was something your character heard of, knew someone in or actually was a member of.
 +    * Name a rival pirate ship and/or crew.  If enthused, write up what they'​re famous for.
 +    * Invent a fantastical steampunk machine and your relationship to it.  You saw it, had a friend die building it, aspire to steal or build one etc.
 +  * **PC vs PC**
 +    * Establish at least two relationships between your PC and every other PC.  Maybe something like "owes $10 for a bad wager in a dog fight last month" or "has been secretly short changing them when buying supplies for the past year in order to buy drugs"
 +    * Make up 5 aspects (short descriptive sentences) for your PC, and show them to the other PCs - Other PCs should prioritise them, add or subtract aspects, and write down the results for how their own PC views your PC.
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