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 +====== LARP Manager Changelog ======
 +===== 2014 Changes =====
 +  * The database has been changed to include new fields for traits (specifically for spells) - there is not yet PHP to support these traits, therefore characters can't add them.
 +===== July 2013 =====
 +  * Downtime form now includes XP entitlements ala Mainspring/Twilight Dreams
 +  * Attributes added to character sheets again
 +  * New characters sheet (in addition to the current character sheet link)-
 +    * Text only character sheet option enabled.  No borders or images.
 +    * Now sorts traits by type and aspect. 
 +    * 1/3 attribute defaults added to all relevant traits. 
 +    * Spells now include a Quintessence cost based on how many character points were spent on the spell.  Range is from 0 to 3 Quintessence
 +  * Character pages in the LARP Manager now have player uploadable images, which are also displayed on the public wiki who's who entry (not yet on character sheets)
 +  * Major overhaul of character creation workflow in progress (thanks to Rob Barbetti). Work in progress test character:
 +    * In summary - a systematic gradual showing of parts of the character sheet with explanations as a series of 7 stages to take the new player through what needs to be filled out, at the end of which the full character sheet is displayed.   More text, more javascript (possibly)
 +===== July 2012 =====
 +{{::archived_changes.pdf|Archived Changes}}
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