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Game rules: Assassination/VIP.

Objective: eliminate an individual on the opposing team. All teams have a player who is a target for assassination.

Targets will be clearly identified to all players at the start of the game phase/s. The target can receive ongoing healing, but once reduced to 0 (zero) HP they cannot receive any further healing (e.g Bless). The target has 10 HP. A team scores a point for assassinating a target (reduced to zero HP). When a target is ‘down’ there is a reset. Teams can either: move back to their initial start point and heal/top up heal all their players (this is a non-combat zone), or retire 50 paces and recommence combat straight away (the assassinated targets’ HP is reset automatically).

Scenario/game area rules:

Teams do *not* have to stick together. Besides each team having a target, they will also have a designated ‘force commander’ (FC). The FC is responsible for keeping track of your points score and making any decisions as necessary (see reset conditions above). “Instakill” rules are in play for everyone including the targets. The road which bisects the game area is a river for this scenario. You may only cross at the set crossing points (2 x bridges). Game phases will run for 45 minutes and then a 15 minute break.

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