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Evil Never Dies

Pre Game

Unaligned players (those not in a Warband) will be a mustered for a Citizens Levy force. This will be under the control of the Crimson Company.

Phase 1

“Flight”/The crossings at Dead Horse Creek

Players: The Black Death and Pirates (BD/P) are fleeing cross country with pieces of the fabled tablet. The Crimson Company (CC) - with the Citizens Levy - and Drakengarde/Blood Hammers (DG/BH) are in hot pursuit. BD/P's only escape from the forces running them down is to cross Dead Horse Creek and destroy the footbridges behind them. With luck they will make the crossing (with both pieces of tablet) and be able to hole up in their hidden base in the Forest of Astomia.

Phase 2

“The Woods”/The Black Death hideout

Players: Did BD/P make it across Dead Horse Creek? Did they lose any pieces of tablet? BD/P in this phase will either start at their hideout or be moving towards it. CC and DG/BH will make their way through the woods looking for the BD/P and/or their hideout. Once they have found the hideout the assault will begin. Opposing forces will need to clear out the BD/P forces and take control of the hideout (which is a mini fort).

Phase 3

“The Tablet”/End game/fighting retreat.

Players: What exactly happens in this game is determined by the outcome of the first 2 phases. Suffice to say, running battle, hold points, tricky escape, potential betrayals etc.

Special Rules

There are only 2 pieces of the tablet in play.

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