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Cold Steel


The objective of the game is to control as much of the battlefield as possible by the end of the day. The game will be broken into 3 timed phases (approx. 45 mins per phase).

Set up

Each team has a starting territory – a circular area defined by cones/markers. There are 7 territories and 2 teams. Within each starting territory there are a number of coloured cones. These are your ‘flags’ and ‘respawn’ markers.

Special rules

Unit coherency for the game is “open”. Teams will be able to break into sections for attack and defense Players at no time will move faster than “advance double” – fast walk. NO RUNNING. Arrow and throwing dagger use as per rules. Reset at the end of each phase. Arrows do 3 HP damage and ‘pavisse’ teams are in play (max 2 per side). **No clerics or mages – respawning is a 30 second count at a respawn point.

Game play and objectives

‘Territories’ will be varied. It may be a loosely defined open area, a strategic crossing, high ground, fort etc.

1. Team 1 will start with 5 blue cones and 3 red cones. Team 2 will start with 5 yellow cones and 3 orange cones*. 2. The 5 cones are territory markers, with the other 3 cones being respawn markers 3. Your starting territory is an automatic respawn point, and you can’t lose your starting territory until *the last phase of the day*. 4. Every time you take a territory you place one of your 5 cones. It is a strategic decision in which territory you place a respawn cone (see more below). 5. To place a cone to take a territory means dominating a territory control zone – i.e. there are no ‘alive’ enemy forces in the control zone (these are fairly loose).

Taking and defending territories

1. Referring to point 5 above, a territory is taken once you place your territory marker there. 2. If the other teams marker is there (and it is no longer contested), you kick their cone out of the control area. 3. A team can always choose to defend a territory from another team. 4.You can only take one territory at a time. 5. If you retake a territory you lost just move your cone back in.

Respawn points

1. As per above, your starting territory is an automatic respawn point. 2. You can place 1 of your 3 respawn markers in any of the 5 contested territories you hold. 3. If you lose a territory you control with a respawn marker, you have lost the use of that respawn marker for the entire phase.

Carrying Cones

1. You must designate a ‘cone carrier’ – they can use a bag or pouch. 2. Your carrier will also be keeping track of territories taken/lost, and respawn markers lost for each phase. 3. If your carrier is killed, they must respawn like everyone else and will keep hold of the cones – these cannot be passed onto other players.

*Actual colours may change.

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