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Codex Abominatus - The Magus


Village elder – Ayrton Coll Special rules – only the villagers may have archers. *Ideally* all archers should join the village team. May have up to 3 pavisse teams (refer to new pavisse team rules). 1+ cleric 1+ Battle mage/mage


Inquisitor general – Gav Special rules – team only brief on game day, must have* minimum* 8 HP. 1+ cleric No mages or battle mages


Magus – Peter Greig Cult leader - Danny Special rules – Magus – all spells double their damage or effect. The Magus has effectively 3 ‘lives’. Each time the Magus is reduced to 0 HP it is counted as a life. Magus takes no damage if within the temple ruins (see objective rules). Must carry Codex Special rules – Cultists – ‘frenzy’ all cultists double their starting HP. Cultists wear tabards provided. 1 + cleric


Village of Bakkara (Sarakal province)

Temple Ruins (Cult of Abominog)

Props – battering ram, torches, ropes, cones, ballista (if available) Codex Abominatus.

Village of Bakkara.

Wooden palisade wall, towers x 2, main gate, postern gate/sally port.

Temple ruins.

Stone structure. Hidden via a ‘glamour’.

Villagers start in Bakkara. Cultists start from temple. Inquisitors start a long way away.


The objective for the cultists is to take Bakkara and increase their numbers by converting the populace. The objective for the villagers is to hold out long enough for the Inquisition to arrive. The Inquisitors main objective is to kill the magus (they have a secondary objective but this is not known by the other teams).

Capture/Convert/Free (De-program).

If either a villager or inquisitor is down on 0 HP awaiting healing, they can be captured by the cultists. This requires a cultist to escort them back to their temple. Once captured a prisoner can be converted to the cultists cause. This requires the Magus to hold the Codex Abominatus to the captives forehead for a 30 count. The convert will then tie a bandana around their HEAD and rejoin the battle. The Inquisition can attempt to free the CAPTURED cultist mind slaves. If cultist is down on 0 HP awaiting healing, they can be healed and freed by an Inquisition CLERIC. This just requires the Cleric to perform “CURE”.

Village is breached.

Once entry has been forced into Bakkara, the Villagers may either: try to hold the breaches; flee the town and join the Inquisition forces; or, hold the tavern! Fall back to the tavern and form a defensive ring. Cleric/s are inside the tavern (having an ale).


Phase is ended if one of two conditions occur:

1. Magus is dead 2. Both towers are destroyed, both gates are breached and the Magus and Cultists are in the village and holding it – holding the village is defined as there being more cultists inside than opposing forces.


Fight or Flee

FLEE: If the Magus has been killed in Phase 1, the Cultists have lost their ‘frenzy’ ability. They now take full damage. The cultists now attempt to flee the battlefield via a secret tunnel in the base of the temple. The Inquisitions goal is to wipe them out and recover the Codex. The tunnel is old and there have been many collapses. This will require a role play of 20 seconds of digging out a side wall to reach the surface. The cultists will need to move to the next access point/collapse to re-enter the tunnel. Rinse and repeat.

FIGHT: The cultists have taken the village and have decided it will make a good base of operations. The Inquisition (and surviving villagers) are going to BURN it to the ground. Objective for the Inquisitors is to set fire to the internal buildings of the village via torches. Once all six torches have landed on the tavern roof the village is counted as ‘raised to the ground’. Torches can be thrown from OVER the palisade wall.


If ‘Flee’ scenario, there is no healing or respawn for cultists. Phase ends when cultists are all dead or have escaped.

If “Fight’ scenario, there is no healing or respawn for Inquisitors.

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