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A Darkness Grows

THE GAME: Buyable Items Phase One Only Banner of Protection 100g: Immune to throwing daggers, must be carried. Blessing of Strength 250g: All counts for that warband (Seals, poison and respawning) are halved to 15 seconds. Elfbane: 350g or highest bidder: Single weapon. Double damage on elves. Bounties Phase One Only Each warband is randomly assigned a different warband’s captain. Killing that captain yields a 50g Bounty.

Objectives: BH+SD, CC & BD: Find all five torn sections/pages of the Tome of Between and have all or the majority of pages at your warband’s camp.

WC: Make everyone's day difficult

Sons of Durin Secondary Objective: Find the Axe of Rending, split into three parts and scattered across Melostar, it is a weapon that may help in defeating the evil force and only the dwarves can restore it. once all three pieces are collected, hand them in to recieve the axe, which deals double damage for the remainder of the day

Secondary Objective for all Warbands: Find a working Ancient Melostar bow, it may help in defeating the evil force. All warbands start at separate camps. The pages are hidden on various sealed grounds (marked by witches hats hidden around the game area). The sealed grounds can ONLY be broken by a Cleric, Mage or Battle Mage by a 30 second count, at which point they may lift the witches hat to check if it contains a page which they may collect or return to normal. A page can ONLY be carried by a Cleric, Mage or Battle Mage and only ONE page may be carried by a single person at any given time. If Page Carrier is killed any other C, M or BM can take their page. Pages can be left at your own warband’s camp and swapped between anyone able to carry one on your own team. Once you have all pages (Or the majority following the time limit) in your camp you win the phase.

Special Rules: Respawning If left unhealed; you can respawn by returning to your own camp and making a count of 30. You cannot respawn if your camp is under attack. If you are respawning and carrying a page you must leave it where you died.

Paralytic Arrows/Killing Blow The elves in this game carry arrows with a terrible poison that paralyses and leaves the victim helpless. Elves using these arrows will call “POISON ARROW” when they make a hit. These arrows do the usual 2 damage but will also leave the target immobilised for a count of 30, in which any enemy can dispose of them with a killing blow, a saying five words long before hitting the target.

Phase 2: TBC

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