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 +======Gaming Scheduler======
 +{{parent page=HomePage}}
 +Double click on this page to edit it.
 +Add your name to days you are unavailable.
 +Note - Using two uppercase characters (and only two), in a word will create a link to a new page
 +Thu 5  Myk
 +Fri 6  MJL
 +Sat 7 **Stu's playtest (Afternoon)**
 +Sun 8  **Torben's game**
 +Thu 12 **Board Games at Barbara's** Myk 
 +Sun 15 **Torben's game** Peter W
 +Thu 19 Myk
 +Sun 22  **Peter C's Game**
 +Thu 26 **Australia Day**
 +Fri 27 **Can Con**
 +Sun 29 Peter W
 +Thu 2 Myk
 +Sun 5 **Peter C's Game** (from 10am to 3pm)
 +Thu 9 Myk
 +Sun 12
 +Thu 16 Myk
 +Sun 19  **Peter C's Game**
 +Thu 23 Myk
 +Sun 26
 +A gratuitously over the top, feature packed version-
 +username test
 +password test
 +Contact Peter C if you want an individual login instead.
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