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Special Rules

Custom rules for special situations

Building Damage

Status: Discussed, not playtested

Buildings can be damaged by some weapon types, some vehicles, and robots specifically designed to destroy buildings.

  • The Demolition Robot as a special action may break through the wall of any building type and is then placed on the other side. The hole is plugged with collapsed building material and impassable to all figures. The Demolition Robot requires a further special action each time to break through that same area of the wall (or any other wall).
  • Buildings and terrain are either flimsy (billboards, foliage), sturdy (concrete) or military
    • Flimsy terrain provides light cover and is destroyed by any weapon that has an area of effect (grenades, flame throwers etc)
    • Sturdy buildings provide heavy cover
    • Military buildings provide heavy cover

Smoke Grenades

Status: Discussed, not playtested

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