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Battle Report: Campaign Turn 1

Jobs are a bit hard to come by, but your mechanic tells you they know a guy who needs some dirty work done. A squad of security robots have been hacked and are now firing on anyone that approaches, so he needs someone to go in and blow them to pieces. It’s a bad job, but it’s a paying job, and that’s what you need right now.

The Battle

  • The Enemy Encounter Log
  • The Crew Crew LogCrew Cards FrontCrew Cards Back
  • The Terrain Terrain setup selection


  • Enemy setup Security Bot Setup
    The Bots are Defensive AI so are divided into three groups with 8“ between the groups. One bot is on the highest building effectively always being in cover and able to provide covering fire to the other bots.
  • Crew setup Crew Setup

Sieze the Initiative

  • Sieze the Initiative - note I forgot that this scenario gives you a +1 to the roll as well
  • I chose only to move three crewmembers Sieze the Initiative moves

Turn 1

  • Reaction roll assignment
  • Enemy Phase
    The bots try to move in range. Unfortunately the bottom most bot couldn't reach cover in time. It may have gone to either building, but if it went towards the bottom building, my crew would have more cover if they targetted it.
  • Slow Phase
    I got a couple lucky shots (needing 6) with my colony rifles.

Turn 2

  • Reaction roll assignment
  • Quick Phase
  • Quick Phase
  • Quick Phase
  • Enemy Phase
  • Slow Phase

Turn 3

  • Reaction roll assignment
  • Quick Phase
  • Quick Phase

After the Battle

  • Get Paid: 2 credits
  • Battlefield Finds: Personal trinket
  • Gather the Loot: 3 Dazzle grenades
  • Determine Injuries and Recovery: N/A
  • Experience and Character Upgrades: Dzheyn: 5xp, Others (except the bot): 4xp
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