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Note - scale is 11 pixels per cm The table is 8' by 4' = 244cm by 122cm

Copse 1
Copse 2
Field 1
Field 2
Field 3
Fort Wall Broken (x7)
Fort Wall Corners (x11)
Fort Wall Gates
Fort Ladders
Fort Paths
Fort Wall T Intersections
Fort Wall Corners with Tower Poles (x9)
Fort Wall Short (x10)
Fort Wall Long (x25)
Fort Gates
Half of a Large Rocky Hill 1
Half of a Large Rocky Hill 2
Hedges 1
Hedges 2
Large Rocky Hill
Large Roundhouse
Medium Hill
Fort Palisades
Ploughed Field
Rocky Field
Tiled Tower Rooms
Ruins 1
Ruins 2
Small HIll 1
Small Hill 2
Small Rocky Hill
Small Rocky Hills
Stone Bridge
Stone Walls and Crates
Tiled Houses
Various Trees
Uneven Ground

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