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Individual Stats


  • Name (main grouping)
    • Formal Name (introduced as)
    • Informal Name (friends know them as)
    • First Name
    • Other Names (middle names)
    • Last Name
    • Former Names (ie marriage, adoption etc)
      • [Recursive]
  • Occupation (abstract)
    • Skill level (important if there are competing occupations)
  • Time
    • Occupation (how much of a day is used for their occupation)
    • Social (for socialising with others outside of work)
    • Rest
    • Other (for spare time)
  • Relationships
    • ID (either family, community or individual)
      • Trust type (informal/friend, formal/business, ideology/religion/love)
        • Trust level
      • Reputation (similar to trust and can be used as a starting trust level by community members that are first introduced)
      • Types (of relationship - friend, relative, employee etc - may be more than one)
      • Update Age (last time this relationship was updated)
  • Personality
    • Idiosyncrasies (traits that may be randomly liked or disliked by others)
    • Hobbies (actions that may be common grounds for relationships)
    • Aberations (actions that are disliked by all if found out e.g. murder, theft, fraud - anything antisocial)
    • Abnormality (actions that are only liked by others with the same abnormality e.g. being tone deaf, having OCD, being a militant athiest)
    • Appearance (appeal to different levels of society, general behaviour as well as appearance - initial impressions always colour later relationships)
      • Attractiveness (sex appeal)
      • Trustworthiness (honest face)

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