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 +======Shield Cards======
 +{{parent page=Joust}}
 +====The Shield====
 +The shield can be in one of four locations, the default location for the shield is **Outward** unless a player changes it through use of cards.
 +There are advantages and disadvantages to using a shield in jousting.  The advantage is that it lessens the impact of blows and you can therefore retain your balance more easily.  The disadvantage is that it is large and makes your profile larger - some areas that would have been misses otherwise, are now hits.
 +<table border=2">"
 +<tr><th>Down Shield</th><td>Impact</td><th>Up Shield</th><td>Impact</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Inward Shield</th><td>Impact</td><th>Outward Shield</th><td>Impact</td></tr>
 +{{gallery showalbum=JoustShield"}}"
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