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 +Each player is a medieval Knight in a Jousting tournament.  This is a two player card game.  Cards are also used for the board, only 2 dice and 2 counters are required. Play consists of using 3 cards each turn from a playerGÇÖs own deck GÇô A card to modify where the lance is aimed, a card to change your horseGÇÖs speed and a card to move your knight.  Cards are not re-used in a tilt.  
 +[[ Boardgame Geek Entry]]
 +===Computer Game===
 +Please note - [[ Kingspud]] from BGG is currently developing a computer game of these rules.
 +  * [[ The Rules]] (60k PDF)
 +  *  [[ Card fronts for the first player]] (9mb PDF)
 +  *  [[ Card fronts for the second player]] (9mb PDF)
 +  *  [[ The hit location cards]] (4.1mb PDF)
 +Note - You also require 1 die for each player to record your current speed, and 1 counter each to keep track of where you are aiming.
 +  * [[JoustLists|Lists Cards]] (5 cards)
 +  * [[JoustOther|Other Cards]] (8 cards)
 +  * [[JoustShield|Shield Cards]] (4 cards for each player)
 +  * [[JoustHit|Hit Location Cards]] (18 cards)
 +  * [[JoustAim|Aim Cards]] (9 cards for each player) 
 +  * [[JoustKnight|Knight Cards]] (9 cards for each player)
 +  * [[JoustHorse|Horse Cards]] (8 cards for each player)
 +Print your own decks at Artscow-
 +=====The Board=====
 +There are 14 empty spaces between each Knight and the centre of the tilting field.  Place board cards in this order - 1,2,3,2 (upside down),1 (upside down).  Place them end to end.  Put the knight cards such that the arrow points at the last square (it has a star on it) at either end.
 +Place the board, and randomly determine the player who will place their aim counter on one of the four starting location on the hit location chart.
 +  * The other player then places their aim counter on a starting location (it may be the same one).
 +  * The starting locations are **A1**, **A5**, **D1**, **D5**
 +Horses start at speed 0.
 +=====The Turn=====
 +   - Both players must put face down in front of them 1 Aim card, 1 Horse card and 1 Knight card.
 +   - Players turn over **aim** cards and resolve them.
 +   - Players turn over **horse** cards and resolve them.
 +   - Both horses accelerate unless cards change their behaviour.
 +    * If a horse is travelling at less than 6 speed, increase its speed by 1.
 +   - Move the horses.
 +    * Check for **The Break**.
 +    * Check for **The Impact**.
 +   - Players turn over **knight** cards and resolve them.
 +All actions are simultaneous.
 +====Hit Locations====
 +<table border=2" width="900">"
 +<tr valign=top" height="75"><td width="75" colspan="1">&nbsp
 +</td><td colspan="2"><strong>A1</strong><br>Far left of head<br>Miss<br><u>START</u></td><td colspan="2"><strong>A2</strong><br>Left of head<br>Miss<br></td><td width="150" colspan="2"><strong>A3</strong><br>Head<br>+2 Impact<br></td><td width="150" colspan="2"><strong>A4</strong><br>Right of head<br>Miss<br></td><td width="150" colspan="2"><strong>A5</strong><br>Far right of head<br>Miss<br><u>START</u></td><td width="75" colspan="1">&nbsp
 +<tr valign=top" height="75"><td width="150" colspan="2">&nbsp
 +</td><td width="150" colspan="2"><strong>B1</strong><br>Left of chest<br>Miss<br></td><td width="150" colspan="2"><strong>B2</strong><br>Chest - Left<br>+1 Impact<br></td><td width="150" colspan="2"><strong>B3</strong><br>Chest - Right<br><br></td><td width="150" colspan="2"><strong>B4</strong><br>Right of chest<br>Miss<br></td><td width="150" colspan="2">&nbsp
 +<tr valign=top" height="75"><td width="150" colspan="2">&nbsp
 +</td><td width="150" colspan="2"><strong>C1</strong><br>Left of torso<br>Miss<br></td><td width="150" colspan="2"><strong>C2</strong><br>Torso - Left<br>+1 Impact<br>+1 Balance to opponent</td><td width="150" colspan="2"><strong>C3</strong><br>Torso - Right<br><br>+1 Balance to opponent</td><td width="150" colspan="2"><strong>C4</strong><br>Right of torso<br>Miss<br></td><td width="150" colspan="2">&nbsp
 +<tr valign=top" height="75"><td width="75" colspan="1">&nbsp
 +</td><td colspan="2"><strong>D1</strong><br>Left of Leg<br><em>BREAK</em><br><u>START</u></td><td colspan="2"><strong>D2</strong><br>Leg - Left<br><br><em>BREAK</em></td><td width="150" colspan="2"><strong>D3</strong><br>Horse<br>Disqualified<br><em>BREAK</em></td><td width="150" colspan="2"><strong>D4</strong><br>Leg - Right<br><br>+1 Balance to opponent</td><td width="150" colspan="2"><strong>D5</strong><br>Right of legs<br>Miss<br><u>START</u></td><td width="75" colspan="1">&nbsp
 +====The Shield====
 +The shield can be in one of four locations, the default location for the shield is **Outward** unless a player changes it through use of cards.
 +There are advantages and disadvantages to using a shield in jousting.  The advantage is that it lessens the impact of blows and you can therefore retain your balance more easily.  The disadvantage is that it is large and makes your profile larger - some areas that would have been misses otherwise, are now hits.
 +<table border=2">"
 +<tr><th>Down Shield</th><td>Impact</td><th>Up Shield</th><td>Impact</td></tr>
 +<tr><th>Inward Shield</th><td>Impact</td><th>Outward Shield</th><td>Impact</td></tr>
 +====The Break====
 +When both knights are at range 0 on the map, impact occurs.  Even if this is partway during a horse's move for their speed.
 +   - Any aim point to the left in levels D (D1, D2 or D3) becomes an automatic miss - the body of the opponent's horse blocks the hit.
 +    * If you have an Impact value above 2, your lance breaks as well.  This is not worth any points.
 +   - Move the horses their full move for their speed.
 +====The Impact====
 +     Each player gets a bonus to their Impact value based on the combined speed at which their horses met at range 0.
 +    *  Speeds 2-5 = +0 Impact
 +    *  Speeds 6-10 = +1 Impact
 +    *  Speeds 11-12 = +2 Impact
 +    The knight that has moved furthest gains +1 Impact.
 +    *  Count the squares from each knight to their starting locations.
 +    Add any factors from Knight cards that are still relevant to your Impact total and to your Balance total.
 +    Add any factors from your shield's position to your balance.
 +    Add any factors from the hit location being aimed at.
 +**Subtract your opponent's total Balance, from your total Impact**
 +  * Impact of 1 = A hit, no result, no points.
 +  * Impact of 2-3 = Break lance.  Worth 1 point on the chest, torso or legs, or 2 points if the head. No points anywhere else.
 +  * Impact of 4 or more = Unhorsed.  Automatic win.
 +    * If both knights are unhorsed, the knight with the highest impact total wins.
 +After three tilts, if neither player is unhorsed - the player with the highest score wins.
 +{{gallery showalbum=Joust"}}"
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