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Unwelcome Guests


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The Loathsome UncleMalevolent MoochWhile alive, follows goblet icons and whenever you draw cards you may randomly select them from the hands of other players.He always turns up for dinner.
Like Whiskers, heGÇÖs putting a story icon in the mystery slot to keep it around longer: even if he contracts consumption, heGÇÖs still thinking about food. His special ability is very evil, but it gives people a solid reason to want to steal him from you -- or kill him off. It also creates interesting situations where cards that normally hurt you are actually weapons.
The Poor RelationsMiserable Masses-5-5-5While alive, follows lucre icons and no Untimely Death can be played on this characterFollow the money. They do.
TheyGÇÖre a roadblock. You canGÇÖt kill them (except with Body Thief or A Suspicious Disappearance), so you want to foist them onto someone else. By giving them a mystery icon, they become vaguely useful -- and more importantly their silhouette matches the Woeful Widow and the Mysterious Uncle.
The Woeful WidowBrokenhearted BrideWhile alive, follows murder icons and no Modifiers with marriage icons can be played on a family that includes this character.Misery loves company.
Her ability isnGÇÖt quite as useful as WhiskersGÇÖ, but she canGÇÖt be immediately killed by your enemies. She doesnGÇÖt move often -- Murder icons are rare -- but she does move. Her original name was "Linda Lovelorn" with "The Woeful Widow" as a subtitle, but as with the Poor Relations and Loathsome Uncle, I kind of like the non-specific name.
Unhappy HolmesMeddling Kid151515Follows Untimely Deaths while alive.He suspects some terrible game is afoot!
His positive scores make him a pain, but he moves frequently. He can also create a fascinating situation when someone kills their last character and he shows up to investigate. The Investigation icon makes him potentially useful if youGÇÖre actually playing with Unhappy Homes.
WhiskersThat #@*! Cat-5-5-5While alive, you may play an Untimely Death as a free action whenever you play a death icon card.Misfortune follows in his footsteps.
Whiskers is a guest you WANT in your family, but since he doesnGÇÖt follow anything, youGÇÖll have to actually do something to get him. His useful ability is somewhat balanced by the fact that his negative scores allow your opponents to kill him quickly ... though you still get -15 points. Placing the Beast icon in the mystery slot means that heGÇÖs more likely to hold onto it, and it also makes his card silhouette match Unhappy Holmes (to hold a little mystery when youGÇÖre dealing them out).


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