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A Chance to Begin AgainDiscard all the Modifiers on one living character.
A Cunning PlanYou may play one additional card of any type this round. If the card is a Myster, you may ignore one of the icon requirements.
A Noble, Stupid SacrificeAs a response, cancel any one card as it is played. This card's player must then discard three cards from their hand.
A Second ChanceCancel one Untimely Death as it is played or remove and discard an Untimely Death from a dead character.
A Stormy NightDraw four cards. Play one card, then discard until you reach your current draw limit.
A Tragic MisunderstandingChoose two living characters and swap their top Modifiers.
An Unpleasant SurpriseRemove the top Modifier from one living character and discard it.
Body ThiefCoose one of your living characters and any one dead character. Both are removed from play and provide no Pathos points.
Dead Man's PartyYou may play one Modifier on a dead character.
Digging Up the PastSearch the discard pile and add any card of your choice to your hand.
Fickle FriendsMove one living Guest to a family of your choice.
Haunted HousewarmingMove one Guest, whether living or dead, to your family.
Lucky StiffRemove the top Modifier from one dead character and discard it.
Misfortune Favors the OldYou may play up to two additional cards this round. They must be Untimely Deaths or Modifiers with negative Pathos points.
Smoke and MirrorsCancel an Event as it is played.
Suspicious DepartureYou may discard this card and a Guest attached to your family to cancel the effects of any card as it is played. The Guest is removed from the game.
The Butler Did ItRemove and discard the top Modifier from one living character. If you have a mystery icon character you may remove and discard the top Mystery from one Residence instead.
The Malevolent MasqueradeYou may exchange all the Modifiers on any one living character with thone on any one living Guest.
The Root of All EvilDraw one card from each opponent's hand and immediately play those you wish, keep the rest. You must have a living character with the lucre icon to play this card.
Those Meddling KidsRemove and discard the top Mystery from one Residence of yoru choice.
Til Death Do Us PartPlay as an Untimely death on any character with the marriage icon regardless of that character's Self Worth score.
To Be or Not to BeMove one Untimely Death from a dead character to a living character with negative Self Worth score.
Traveler's TroublesDraw two cards for each living Guest in your family. You may play any or all of these cards immediately, discarding any you don't use.
Twist of FateReplace the top Modifier on a character with one from your hand. Keep the Modifier you replace.
Unfashionably LateImmediately add a Guest that is not being used this game to a family of your choice. If not able to, then move any one living Guest to your family.


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