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 +======Dungeon Builder Components======
 +<html><a rel="license" href="">
 +<img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="" />
 +<br />This work is licensed under a 
 +<a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License</a>.</html>
 +===Dungeon Building===
 +Grey: Dungeon connecting rooms, minor adventurer help card\\
 +Green: Dungeon utility rooms, minor adventurer hinder card\\
 +Blue: Minor dungeon traps\\
 +Purple: Minor monster cards\\
 +Yellow: Major adventurer help/hinder card, counts as any blue or any purple card (not both) in upgrades.  Half the Yellow cards will be blue wild, half will be purple wild.
 +===Special Dungeon Building===
 +Black: Major interference, major build (good lairs or traps), counts as any two blue or any two purple cards (not both) in an upgrade.   Half the Wild cards will be blue wild, half will be purple wild.\\
 +Red: Major improvement cards - these are all kept face up and can be bought with gold.  Maximum of 2 per dungeon.\\
 +Hoard: The starting card for each player, where they store their gold
 +Party composition - a list of what character types are in a party.\\
 +<del>Party behaviour - how a Party confronts dungeon decisions.</del> Deprecated\\
 +<del>Task outcome - to resolve tasks (ie avoiding traps, finding/opening doors and fighting monsters)</del> This is now part of the grey/green and yellow build cards
 +===Special Adventuring===
 +Character type cards - sorted by level\\
 +Special Character cards - such as a Ranger that will always defeat a particular monster type.\\
 +Dungeon entrance card - where the party enters someone's dungeon
 +  * Charges - used for Doors, Traps, Adventurer charges
 +  * Multiplier - used for more than one Monster in a location - usually placed after room contents is revealed in the adventurer turn.
 +  * Hit Points - used for Monsters and Adventurers
 +  * Gold - used for Hoard and Adventurer Morale
 +  * Adventuring party
 +  * Starting player
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