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 +======Dungeon Master Imps======
 +{{parent page=DungeonMaster}}
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 +Imps use a status board to show where they are assigned.
 +====Dungeon Building====
 +Any Imp in this category will be used for digging tunnels and mining gold as a high priority,  reinforcing walls as their secondary priority. An Imp can dig its level in tiles, or reinforce its level in walls (ie level 3 Imp can reinforce 3 walls per turn).
 +====Gem Mining====
 +Imps in this category will do nothing but mine gems.  Three imps per side of a gem tile may mine it.  An Imp can mine $100 times its level per turn.  Imps are assigned to particular gem tiles.
 +====Hostile Takeover====
 +Imps in the category are assigned rooms in enemy dungeons and will do their best to convert them to friendly rooms.  Conversion time is based on Imp level and room size.  Rooms are converted from Enemy to Neutral and then from Neutral to Owned.  Multiple Imps can be used on the same room.
 +=====Idle Pool=====
 +Any Imps unable to perform other tasks come here. They will retrieve dead and unconscious creatures back to Lairs, Prisons or Graveyards as appropriate.  Any items manufactured in workshops will be moved to locations.  Any enemy Imps attempting a Hostile Takeover will be thwarted (the Imps will re-convert rooms back to friendly).
 +**Level 1 Imp**
 +  * Dig 1 tile/turn
 +  *  Reinforce 1 wall/turn
 +  *  Mine $100/turn from a Gem tile
 +  *  Convert 3 tiles/turn
 +  *  Move a creature or item 10 tiles/turn
 +**Level 2 Imp**
 +  * Dig 2 tiles/turn
 +  *  Reinforce 2 walls/turn
 +  *  Mine $200/turn from a Gem tile
 +  *  Convert 6 tiles/turn
 +  *  Move a creature or item 20 tiles/turn
 +**Level 3 Imp**
 +  * Dig 3 tiles/turn
 +  *  Reinforce 3 walls/turn
 +  *  Mine $300/turn from a Gem tile
 +  *  Convert 9 tiles/turn
 +  *  Move a creature or item 30 tiles/turn
 +CategoryGames CategoryDM
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