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Each item is limited in how many the character may have. There is also an overall limit of how much a thief is able to comfortably carry. A thief may carry all the default equipment, 30 arrows, 5 mines, 5 bombs and 10 potions.


Standard thief equipment. Every thief character has these.

  • omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_blackjack.jpg Blackjack—Knocks out guards if they are hit from behind, while not on Alert or Pursuit status and not wearing a helmet.“
  • omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_sword.jpg Short Sword—Mainly for defence. Can be used to kill guards rather than knock them out in the manner of a cosh.”
  • Bow—Mainly for utility arrows but can be used for standard arrows too.
  • omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_trianglelockpick.jpg omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_squarelockpick.jpg Lockpicks—Used to open standard locks.“
  • Backpack—Includes clasps to hold items and keep the contents muffled.


  • omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_broadheadarrow.jpg Standard Arrows—Standard non-special non-magical arrows. May kill guards in the same manner as a Short Sword. If it doesn't hit a hard surface, it may be re-used.—$25 - Limit 30”


  • omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_flashbomb.jpg Flashbomb—Temporarily blind guards. One use.—$200 - Limit 5“
  • omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_mine.jpg Mine—Explosive mine. One use.—$350 - Limit 5”
  • omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_noisemakerarrow.jpg Noisemaker Arrow—A clockwork arrow that creates noise for a period of time when it hits a non-hard surface (ie wood). If it doesn't hit a hard surface, it may be re-used.—$250 - Limit 5“


  • omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_ropearrow.jpg Rope Arrow—When fired into wood, creates a rope. Re-usable.—$200 - Limit 5”
  • omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_waterarrow.jpg Water Arrow—Extinguishes fires. One use.—$50 - Limit 25“
  • omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_mossarrow.jpg Moss Arrow—Creates sound dampening moss in a small area. One use.—$125 - Limit 20 ”
  • omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_firearrow.jpg Fire Arrow—Explodes when it hits. One use.—$300 - Limit 15—Light: 3“
  • omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_healingpotion.jpg Healing Potion—Restores health. Takes two turns to return health to full. One use.—$250 - Limit 10”
  • omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_slowfallpotion.jpg Slowfall Potion—This potion arrests some of your downward velocity when taken, and reduces the effect of gravity. . One use.—$150 - Limit 5“


  • omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_gasarrow.jpg Gas Arrow—Knocks out guards in a small area. One use.—$500 - Limit 5”
  • omegacron.com_games_thief_images_armory_gasmine.jpg Gas Mine—Knocks out guards in a small area. One use.—$500 - Limit 5“

Rare and Magical

  • Vine Arrow—Creates a vine when fired into any surface. One use.—$200 - Limit 5

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