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 +======Newsletter Content======
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 +=====Ship Registry Cards=====
 +by Curufea
 +**Note: These cards are only relevant to version 1.0 of Battlestations**
 +One of the chief areas of annoyance I've come across when playing missions in Battlestations,​ is the constant use of the rulebook to look up ship designs. ​ Especially when you randomly determine which enemy race is opposing the players. ​ The more tactically minded players occasionally wish to see potential ship layouts of other races as well.  So I thought about creating a useful tool for any GM.  A series of cards about the size of cards used in Magic: the Gathering. ​ That way, if players wish, they can print the cards out, and put them into the plastic sleeves that are available for that size.  For extra stiffening, a card can also be inserted in the sleeve. ​ Low and behold - you now have colour coded quick reference cards for all the ships in Battlestations!
 +There are a number of ways to use these cards -
 +- **Boarding** - players can look at the cards to work out where they wish to board.
 +- **Damage allocation** - if you have a marker or pencil that writes on plastic, you can tick a module to show it is broken or slagged.
 +- **NPC locations** - if you have a very steady hand, you could use colours to mark the location of the crew on the ship.
 +- **Random race determination** - not sure what race the PCs are facing? ​ Shuffle and draw.
 +- **Silhoettes** - players can see what shape the ships are and guess what race they belong too if they refer to these cards. ​ If you are using limited scanning technology in your game.
 +- **Teleporting** - find where on a ship people teleport too.
 +These cards are meant to be printed out on a colour printer at 300DPI (dots per inch). ​ However, you can print them larger, making the floorplans easier to write on.  They were created with nothing but an excel spreadsheet and photoshop, use as you see fit.
 +For the complete set of cards, please go to :- http://​​Wikka/​wikka.php?​wakka=NewsletterContent
 +You will need to login with the username and password of NewsLetter.
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