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 +=====The Key of Soloman=====
 +An artifact of power has been unearthed, the magical emanations in the ether have attracted treasure seeking wizards.
 +====Number of Players====
 +1 Wizard each
 +Place a geomorph with a farm.\\
 +Place the Key of Soloman counter on the farm.\\
 +Each player then places 2 random geomorphs 
 +Roll to see who goes first.\\
 +Start each wizard with full mana at the furthest legal hex away from every wizard and the Key. The Player going first places their wizard first.\\
 +They are in Human shape.
 +===Special Rules===
 +Leaving the map without the Key is an instant defeat.\\
 +Also see [[MetamorphKeyofsoloman]]
 +The first wizard to leave the map with the Key of Soloman wins.
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