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Treachery Cards

bullet Break imperial conditioning Played immediately after Imperial Conditioning is played. Obviously, this card counteracts the other one. NOTE: normally, allies are not allowed to play Treachery cards to benefit their partners in battle. You might want to allow an ally to play this card to increase its effectiveness. Timothy Paul Coram bullet Caladan wines Play during the movement phase when a player forces battle on you. This card prevents a player from attacking one specific territory of yours for one turn (by altering their movement). Richard and Eddy Vickery bullet Cheap hero(ine) Play in battle in place of a leader. This is permitted in addition to the defense and weapon card played (if any). The cheap hero has a 0 value for leadership The cheap hero is used in the leader position and may not be discarded as a weapon or defense. Default bullet Cibus hood Your leader dies from a Projectile Attack only if the other leader is higher rated; and from Lasegun only if the other leader is no less than one lower-rated than your own leader. Richard and Eddy Vickery bullet Cone of silence Prevents any player(s) within its scope from buying treachery cards, threatening Kanly or forming an alliance. It does not affect existing alliances. It may be played at any time upon any named player(s) and stays in effect until the end of the turn. You may direct it against as many of your opponents (not allies) as you desire. Duel bullet Dust chasm Played right after Spice Blow. Prohibits movement into or through the territory in which the spice appears for the current turn. Cannot be played on a Worm card (obviously). All troops in that territory are eliminated except for Fremen troops , who must vacate the territory on that turn or be eliminated. The spice is not affected. Timothy Paul Coram bullet D-wolves Play before a battle. You engage your opponent in a preliminary battle to weaken him/her and to give you a knowledge of his/her cards. This first attack of yours must be limited to 1-3 tokens. Regardless of whether you win or lose this battle, you lose only those tokens committed (must be at least 1) and your leader (if killed by your opponent; spice for leaders killed in the preliminary battle go to its winner). If you win this battle, all reserves and cards played are lost by your opponent as usual. If you lose, then the real“ battle is fought with the remaining tokens on both sides both sides may use different leaders and cards.” Richard and Eddy Vickery bullet Family atomics Play just after the storm has been determined but before it moves by a player who has one or more tokens on the Shield Wall or in a territory adjacent to it. It destroys the shield wall (and all tokens there) so that the Imperial Basin, Arrakeen and Carthag are no longer protected from the storm. Once played, the card is placed offboard near the Shield Wall to indicate it has been permanently destroyed. Since the Family Atomics card is played before the storm moves it will impact these areas only if the storm moves into them (not starts in them). The card may be played even if the areas in question are under storm. Default bullet Fremkit Allows one group of your tokens to survive the storm. Play during storm movement. Richard and Eddy Vickery bullet Ghola Play at any time, permits the player to immediately recover one leader from the tanks without payment, or to revive up to 5 tokens from the tanks to his reserves. A revived leader may not be used until the next battle round. Default bullet Ginaz sword training Your projectile attack can kill a leader even if he/she is Shielded, provided that your leader has a fighting value at least two higher than your opponents. Negates an enemys Cibus Hood if it is played in the same battle. Richard and Eddy Vickery bullet Hajr Play during a players movement round enabling him to take an extra on-planet movement, subject to the normal rules. Spice Harvest bullet Harvester Doubles the value of the spice blow in one territory this turn. Play during the Spice Blow Phase. Duel bullet Imperial conditioning Played before one battle, before plans are made. Prevents the leader used in battle (whichever one is choosen) from turning traitor for that battle only (card is then discarded). Timothy Paul Coram bullet Juice of sapho Played during battle AFTER opponents plans have been formulated. Player can then look at all remaining cards in their opponents hand, and change plan accordingly, provided the changes do not go against previous Voice or Prescience. Timothy Paul Coram bullet Karama These cards may be used to prevent an event or (optional) enhance a characteristic. Prevents the Atreides from seeing the future once OR prevents the Atreides from using the Kwisatz Haderach marker once. If played to prevent the Atreides from seeing the cards up for bid it is effective for the whole bidding round, not just on one card. Prevents the Harkonnen from taking a second free treachery card once OR prevents the Harkonnen from capturing a leader once Prevents the Bene Gesserit from accompanying one shipment OR using the voice once OR using a worthless card as a Karama card once. If used to prevent a worthless card being used as a Karama card both cards are discarded. Prevents the Fremen from controlling a worm once (treat the result as applied to non-Fremen troops) OR from counting Fedaykin bonus in one battle Prevents the Emperor from counting Sardaukar bonus in one battle OR enables a player to bid for and buy one treachery card without paying for OR causes all Treachery card purchase spice for the turn to be payed to the Spice Bank. Enables a player to land tokens from off planet at the Guild rate (cost). The payment is given to the spice bank instead of the Guild player. This constitutes the normal shipment allowance for the player that turn OR prevents the Guild from taking his turn when he wants. He must move during his slot in the proper movement sequence. Prevents the Lansraad player from using his power of Influence or Territory Restriction once. The card would be used after the Lansraad player orders a player under Influence or Territory Restriction Prevents the Bene Tleilax from announcing a leader as a traitor. The leader reverts to his/her original allegiance. Or it can tax the Bene Tleilax ten spice which must be paid immediately to the Spice Bank. If the BT has less than 10 spice he must pay all he has to the Spice Bank. Or it can destroy an untriggered trap. Prevents the Ixian player from collecting his 10 free spice during a turn or prevents the free revival of an Ixian leader. Special Powers Atreides may use to see the entire battle plan during one battle Harkonnen may use to take without looking any number of cards, up to the entire hand, of any one player to their choice. Each card taken must be replaced by a card from the Harkonnen hand Bene Gesserit may use a worthless card as a Karama card once during the game Fremen may use in the spice phase to cause a worm to appear in any territory. The worm is not drawn from the spice deck. A worm cannot devour tokens if not in a desert territory. The worm called by this use does not create a nexus, alliances or a war of assassins. Emperor may use a Karama card to revive up to three tokens or one leader for free. The Guild may use to prevent the off-planet shipment of one player for the turn. The Lansraad player, may once a game, use the Karama card to use both Influence option A and B both in the same turn. This would be announced in the movement phase. Bene Tleilax may use a karama card as a lasgun in an attack on a leader, or use as both a lasgun and a shield when played as a trap. The Ixians may use a karama card to be permitted to move whenever they want or they may use a karama card to permit the development of a no-ship. They may then conduct movement as the Guild does as outlined in their special rules #1-3. Players will have to choose which faction, Guild or Ix, to contract with to ship to Dune. Default bullet Lasgun Use as a weapon in combat. There is no direct defense against a lasgun. It automatically kills an opponents leader. But should you or your opponent play a shield in the same battle, a nuclear explosion occurs and all tokens and spice (even those not involved in the battle) in the territory are lost to the tanks as well as all leaders played (no spice is paid for them). All treachery cards played in the battle must be discarded Default bullet Master assassin On paying a 2 spice fee to the bank, you may kill one leader (chosen randomly) from a house of your choice. Unless the leader killed is one of his/her own, the Tleilaxu player must also pay the bank 1 spice as a reward for the killing or else not receive half the fighting value of the dead leader in spice (thus if the Tleilaxu play the card they must pay 3 spice). This card may be played at any time. Richard and Eddy Vickery bullet Mercenary permits the addition of one mercenary leader or five mercenary tokens to the reserves. Fremen mercenaries must be shipped in from off-planet. The mercenary card may be played for you or for the benefit of another player. Lost units are placed back in the mercenary pool, i.e. they are not revivable by the player. Mercenary leaders are not included in the traitor selection process (unless all players wish to include them) * bullet Ornithopter sabotage You may crash one group moving by ornithopter (due to the card or possession of a city) somewhere along their flight path. If the route was not specified, you may nominate the route. Half (rounded up) of all tokens aboard die in the crash. Play at the time of the groups movement. Richard and Eddy Vickery bullet Poison snooper Defends a leader against poison used in combat Default bullet Poison weapons Use as a weapon in combat, stopped by the Snooper defense Default bullet Prisoner Play during combat round. May pick up a leader if the battle is won, for more details see Harkonnen rules. * bullet Projectile weapons Use as a weapon in combat, stopped by the Shield defense Default bullet Pseudo-shield Play at the start of battle round before any combat takes place. A worm is attracted to a desert territory occupied by one or more of your tokens. The worm destroys all tokens (including your own, even Fremen) and spice in the territory. Richard and Eddy Vickery bullet Residual poison Play this card face down in front of a players character shield. A character is then randomly selected of that players (but not the main character) who is considered the target of the Residual Poison. That player must pay you a bribe of 1-4 (you name the amount) on every turn the R.P. card remains there. If the player fails to pay, you reveal the residual poison card and that player loses any the target leader. You collect the leaders spice value from the bank. You may also bluff playing residual poison by playing another card. If you are caught in this you must pay the offended player 3X the amount of the bribe you were demanding. (This may cause a debt which must be paid as soon as possible). You may retract a residual poison/bluff card during any of your moves whereupon it is discarded unseen in all cases. You are pemitted to be caught playing another card in bluff only twice per game, if caught twice you may not bluff any more. The Harkonnen player may bluff four times per game. Duel bullet Semuta drug (poison) Used as a poison weapon. This weapon is played in a battle normally and can be blocked by a snooper. If not blocked by a snooper, it does not immediately kill the opposing leader. Instead, it reduces the fighting strength of the leader by one. The Semuta card remains with the leader after the battle, unless the leader is killed. At the beginning of each following game turn, that leaders fighting strength is further reduced by one until the turn it reaches zero, in which case the leader is sent to the tanks and the Semuta card is discarded. Such a leader is revived normally and at full strength. Leaders who have a Semuta card on them lead battle and duel at their reduced strength. When the drugged leader is killed, the winner of the battle collects only the amount of spice equal to their current reduced strength at the time of death. Semuta is a powerful narcotic derived from the Ellaca Drug. One dose causes permanent addiction. The drug causes the addict to slowly lose his or her abilities as the addict spends more and more tiem in drug-induced euphoria. Addicts do not die from the drug itself but from deprivation of food, sleep, and other necessities that the addict denies himself. Duel bullet Shield Defends a leader against projectile weapons in combat. See also Lasgun. Default bullet Smuggler Played at any time. Allows player to steal one spice per occupied desert territory from one opposing player. Bene Gesserit tokens co-existing with other tokens do not count for this purpose. If victim hasnt got enough spice, they give all the spice they have, and may plead for CHOAM charity that round. Timothy Paul Coram bullet Stone burner Used as a special weapon. This weapon, played normally in battle, automatically kills an opponents leader and all of his tokens in the territory, plus the friendly leader. Both players may use shields to protect their leaders against a stone burner, but all of the opponents tokens are still removed to the tanks. A player who uses a stone burner in battle still loses the number of tokens he dials for the battle. If a lasgun/shield explosion occurs in the same batatle, the lasgun/shield explosion takes precedence, destroying all leaders, tokens, and spice in the territory. Optional Rule: Unless a Karama card has been used in the same battle to prevent Atreides prescience,character Paul Muaddib is not affected by the blast of a stone burner. A stone burner is a small nuclear device which is used to bore through solid rock. While not a very powerful explosive device, it emis a particular radiation over a wide radius, which permanently blinds any unshielded person, thus neutralizing any force in the vicinity of the blast, In Dune Messiah, Paul was so blinded, but used prescience and the eyes of his children to function. Duel bullet Thopter Play at any time during the movement phase. This card allows one of your groups to move 3 territories at the time that you play the card, even if they shipped down in the current movement phase. This takes the place of your normal on-planet move for this turn. Although your on-planet move may be taken out of sequence, your shipping onto the planet must be taken in the proper sequence (unless you are the Guild). Richard and Eddy Vickery bullet Thumper / carryall Play during the Spice Blow Phase. This acts as a Shai-Hulud being drawn as the next Spice Deck card. Alliances may be formed etc. OR Use during the Spice Blow Phase as a carryall. You may take your tokens in a territory where Shai-Hulud has appeared and move them to an adjacent territory. OR Use during the Storm Round as a carryall. You may take your tokens in a desert territory that will be lost due to the storm and move them to an adjacent territory. (Most territories on the map have an adjacent safe haven from worm/storm) The territory moved into may be a stronghold and/or occupied. Combat may result in the combat round from this. Duel bullet Truthtrance Play at any time. You may ask one other player any yes/no question. The question must be answered truthfully. Default bullet Troop transport Played during movement round. Allows player to make a second shipment onto Dune at regular cost (paying the Guild as usual). The Guild player can block one but not both of the shipments with a Karama card - the Guild player chooses which shipment is blocked. Timothy Paul Coram bullet Weather control Play at the start of the storm round, it enable a player to control the storm that round and move it from 0 to 10 sectors in a counterclockwise direction. Default bullet Weather scanner Played any time before the Storm Round. Allows the player to look at the storm counter for the coming round (like the Fremen player). If the Fremen player get this card, he/she/it can either a) discard the card as a worthless card (in battle) or b) pay the Guild player 3 spice to remove the card from the game. Timothy Paul Coram bullet Weirding way Played before one battle, BEFORE plans are made. Causes opponent to lose double the number of committed tokens in the battle. Timothy Paul Coram bullet Worthless cards These cards have no value in play. These cards may be discarded by using in the weapons or defense position in combat. They may also be disposed of under the residual poison attack (see Residual Poison). Default

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