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 +   - Choose which expansions you wish to play.
 +   ​- ​ Remove characters that can't be used.
 +   ​- ​ Choose 4 valid player characters as your party (see **Playable Characters** below). ​ Do this for each player.
 +   ​- ​ Give each player a set of combat cards and jump cards. ​ The monsters also require a set of combat cards.
 +   ​- ​ Mix all map tiles together and put them in a draw pile in the middle of the table.
 +   ​- ​ Mix all remaining character and item tokens that aren't used into a cloth bag.  These will be used to populate tiles as they are revealed later.
 +   ​- ​ Take the top map tile and place it face up in the middle of the table, this is the starting tile.  Place all player characters on the starting tile.
 +====Changes from regular Dungeon Twister====
 +  * **Action Cards** are not used.  Each character has two actions each turn, whether a player character, or a monster.
 +  * **Combat Cards** ​
 +    * The monsters draw a random card for combat when necessary. ​ These cards are put into a discard pile that is reshuffled when the cards run out.
 +    *  Players may choose which of their cards to play.  These are also put in a discard pile.  The player may not get the cards back until all cards have been used.
 +  * **Character Tokens** that are discovered in the dungeon are always monsters and regarded as the enemy to all players.
 +  * **Combat** - players may not attack each other.
 +  * **Revealing Tiles** - There is no set pattern to tiles, and so tiles may be revealed in any direction.
 +    * When a tile is revealed, count the number of player characters and divide by 4 (rounding down), then add one for each tile distant this tile is from the starting tile.  Place this many tokens on the tile.
 +    *  e.g. 2 Player game with all 8 characters ---  Starting Tile -- 3 -- 4 -- 5 -- 6
 +  * **Leaving the Dungeon** - In order for a player character to leave the dungeon, it must move to the rotation control on the starting tile.
 +====Playable Characters====
 +Not all characters from every expansion are suitable for a dungeon exploration co-operative game.  The following list specifies which characters can be PCs, which can be monsters, and which cannot be used in this variant. ​  When a character is used as a monster, ignore any rules pertaining to earning victory points, the monster side does not use VPs.
 +  *  Playable as a Player Character only
 +    *  **Fire & Water** --- Prophet
 +  *  Playable as a Player Character or a Monster
 +    *  **Base Set** & **3/4 Player Expansion** --- Cleric, Warrior, Wizard, Mekanork, Wall-Walker,​ Troll, Thief
 +    *  **Paladins and Dragons** --- Elf Scout, Ghost, Golem, Illusionist,​ Weapon Master, Paladin
 +    *  **Fire & Water** --- Magophage, Acrobat, Barbarian, Fire Elemental, Courtesan, Telekineticist,​ Water Elemental
 +    *  **Forces of Darkness** --- Angel of Light, Undead Dragon, Mummy, Necromancer,​ The Shadow, Specter, Vampire, Bat, Zombie ​
 +    *  **Mercenaries** --- Dark Angel, Crossbowman,​ Assassin, Berserker, General, Dwarven Troll-Slayer,​ Samurai - PC
 +    *  **Creatures of the Forest** --- Druid, Breeder, Spawnling, Stone Elemental, Elf Archer, Elf Enchantress,​ Araknis, Living Trap, Logger
 +    *  **Land of Ice** --- Beast Master, Yeti, Ice Witch, Ice Dragon, Ice Elemental, Mammoth, Lightning Elemental, Werewolf
 +    *  **Dungeon Twister 2: Prison** --- Colossus, Naga, Banshee, Backstabber,​ Telepath
 +    *  **Tournament Prizes (Pack 1)** --- The Ogre
 +    *  **Tournament Prizes (Pack 2)** --- Elusive, Forest Elf, Zephyr the Cheat, Pitiless
 +    *  **Collector'​s Box (German release)** --- The Amazon
 +    *  **European Championships** --- The Purple Dragon
 +  *  Playable as a Monster only
 +    *  **Base Set** & **3/4 Player Expansion** --- Goblin
 +    *  **Paladins and Dragons** --- Red Dragon, Pickpocket
 +    *  **Forces of Darkness** --- Ghoul
 +    *  **Mercenaries** --- Gold Dragon
 +    *  **Creatures of the Forest** --- Brambles ​
 +    *  **Tournament Prizes (Pack 1)** --- The Beggar
 +    *  **Tournament Prizes (Pack 2)** --- The Minotaur
 +  *  Not usable in this variant
 +    *  **Tournament Prizes (Pack 1)** --- The Disciple
 +    *  **Convention Exclusives** --- The Master of Time
 +====Usable Items====
 +Not all items from every expansion are suitable for a dungeon exploration co-operative game.  The following list specifies which items can be used in the game.
 +  *  Not usable in this variant
 +    *  **Fire & Water** --- Scroll of Confusion
 +    *  **The Fire and the Blood** --- Grail
 +    *  **Land of Ice** --- Flying Carpet
 +====Monster Behaviour====
 +Monster behaviour is determined by the colour of the map tile they appear in.  They behave in either an Aggressive or Defensive manner. ​ Warm coloured tiles have aggressive monsters, cool coloured and neutral tiles have defensive monsters
 +|=| |=|(x:​9)Expansion||
 +|=| Colour ||Base||Paladins & Dragons||3/​4 Player||Fire & Water||Forces of Darkness||Mercenaries||The Fire and The Blood||Creatures of the Forest||Land of Ice||
 +|=|{background-color:​lightblue}Light Blue||-||-||-||-||-||-||-||-||33,​35,​36||
 +==Aggressive Monsters==
 +Aggressive monsters actively seek out weak player characters. ​ They will choose the quickest, safest routes to the weakest characters. ​ Always going for the closest with a combat strength less than theirs, first. ​ If there are items nearby, they will pick them up if possible on the way and use them if they can or otherwise carry them to provoke player characters into attacking.
 +==Defensive Monsters==
 +Defensive ​ monsters wish to form defensive groups, and prefer to group attack player characters. ​ They will choose the quickest, safest routes to other monsters and where possible, help out that monster with a group attack. ​ If there are items nearby, they will try to pick them up and use them if they can, if not then to drop them where they are inaccessible.
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