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 +<​html><​a rel=license"​ href="​http://​​licenses/​by-nc-sa/​2.5/​au/">"​
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 +<a rel=license"​ href="​http://​​licenses/​by-nc-sa/​2.5/​au/">​Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License</​a>​.</​html>"​
 +Building art courtesy of [[http://​​ nicubunu]]
 +Number of Players: 2-6
 +Please note that this version is basically a variant of Settlers of Catan
 +=====Object of the game=====
 +The goal of Fiefdom is to accumulate 11VP
 +Keep: the central hexagon in the fief
 +Coast: The outermost 24 hexagons of the fief
 +Fief: The abstracted land shown on the building map.  ​
 +Hex: One of the 61 hexagons of a fief
 +Region: One of the six marked areas of a fief.  Each region contains 10 hexes.
 +  * Activation Roll
 +    *  If the region rolled has no player in it, then treat the die roll as if it had been the player'​s region
 +    *  Gather resource(s) produced by activation roll
 +    *  Trade with other players if you have a port
 +  *  Construction
 +    *  Build buildings and roads within your region
 +  *  2 white hex d6
 +  *  1 blue region d6
 +Each player receives 1 of each resource and two random resource producing buildings (not improved) from their pool
 +Each player has their own region of the fief.
 +Each player has a pool of one of each building, 4 feature buildings,2 straight roads, 2 curved roads and 2 crossroads.
 +====Rolling 7====
 +Rolling 7 on the hex dice behaves the same as it does in Settlers of Catan-
 +  *  Every player with more than 7 resources loses half of them, rounded down
 +  *  Highwayman - place the highwayman figure on the road of another player. ​ That player may not activate the road while that highwayman is there. ​ You must take a random resource from that player.
 +**Name of building** ​ - effect
 +  * Resource producers - 1VP, Cost: 1 stone, 1 wood, 1 cloth, 1 food
 +    *  **Farm ** - produces 1 food when activated
 +    *  **Pasture** - produces 1 cloth when activated
 +    *  **Quarry ** - produces 1 stone when activated
 +    *  **Mine ** - produces 1 metal when activated
 +    *  **Forrester ** - produces 1 wood when activated
 +  *  Improved resource producers (replaces an existing resource producer) - 2VP, Cost: 3 metal, 2 food
 +    *  **Mill** - produces 2 food when activated
 +    *  **Weaver** - produces 2 cloth when activated
 +    *  **Mason** - produces 2 stone when activated
 +    *  **Blacksmith** - produces 2 metal when activated
 +    *  **Carpenter** - produces 2 wood when activated
 +  * Utility buildings - these buildings do not require activation to function, but if activated have an improved function - 1VP, Cost: 1 metal, 1 cloth, 1 food
 +    *  **Market ** - trade 3 resources of the same type for 1 resource of any type.  If activated trade 2 resources of the same type for 1 resource of any type
 +    *  **Port ** - trade with any other player with a port.  If activated then you may trade with either of the two adjacent players whether they have a port or not.
 +    *  **Sheriff** - move the highwayman back to the keep in your turn if it is on one of your roads. ​ If activated, you may move the highwayman from anywhere to a road of your choice as per a roll of 7 and steal a resource.
 +    *  **Feature** - does nothing, but is worth 1VP
 +  * Roads - roads function as a multi-activator. ​ When a road is activated, every building connected to that road is activated (usually its two end points) - even if those buildings are in different regions and therefore belong to other players. ​ The player with the most roads in their region receives 2VP. A road may only activate another road if their connections meet (e.g. two straight roads still only have 2 connections at either end of the line). ​ A road of any length may not activate the same building more than once per activation, even if multiple connections join to that building.
 +    * **Straight Road** - two connections on opposite sides, Cost: 1 stone, 1 wood
 +    *  **Curved Road** - two connections within three hex sides of each other, Cost: 2 stone, 2 wood
 +    *  **Crossroads** - four connections,​ Cost: 3 stone, 3 wood
 +Region-free players variant-
 +Any player may build in any region. ​ When you build something, place a marker on it to show it's yours. ​ The owner of the longest road is the one who owns the most road sections in the longest road.  There are now no '​non-player'​ regions, and if a region is rolled with nothing in it, no one receives resources.
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