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Ace DarwinGÇÖs Whipits: Burnt By The Stars

Bad Dream: Warriors Not Accountants

Black Angus Boys: Dishonor Before Death

Black Heart Roses: Marriage Of Convenience

Black Omen: Warriors Of Prophesy

The Black Thorns: Rebuilding The Burnt Bridges

Blackstone Highlanders: Raising The Bottom Line

BlancGÇÖs Coyotes: Lonesome Scavengers

BrionGÇÖs Legion: Refined And Unpredictable
BrionGÇÖs First Regiment: DavidGÇÖs Lesson
Second Regiment: BrionGÇÖs Legacy

Broadstreet Bullies: Orange Crush

BrockGÇÖs Buccaneers: Fighting For A Better Tax Bracket

BurtonGÇÖs Brigade: In With Both Feet

Canned Heat: Order From Chaos

CarsonGÇÖs Renegades: The Ppc Is Mightier Than The Pen

CliftonGÇÖs Rangers: Pathfinders

Crater Cobras (789th Striker): Fangs Of Fate

DedricksonGÇÖs Devils: Stirring The Pot

DeliahGÇÖs Gauntlet: Looking To The Star

DevilGÇÖs Advocates: Fire And Brimstone

DevilGÇÖs Brigade: Never Fear The Unknown

DragonGÇÖs Breath: Playing With Fire

Dropship Irregulars: Unconventional Warfare

ErikssonGÇÖs Einherjar: OdinGÇÖs Chosen

Fighting Shamrocks: Forewarned Daring

GabhardtGÇÖs Carabineers: Last Gasps

GaelGÇÖs Grinders: Live To Fight Another Day

Golden Boys: Three Points For New Oslo

GordonGÇÖs Armored Cavalry: Non-Negotiable Hatred

The Grave Walkers: All Good Things

GrayGÇÖs Ghosts: No Job Too Small

Green Mountain Boys: Live Free Or Die

GreggGÇÖs Long Striders: Toiling In Obscurity

Grim Determination: Lost But Not Downed

Group W: Lightning Warriors

HamptonGÇÖs Hessens: To The Highest Bidder
New Hessen Armored Scouts: Recon In Force
First New Hessen Irregulars: The Crazy 108
Second New Hessen Irregulars: New Kids On The Block

HannibalGÇÖs Hermits: Shell Games

HansenGÇÖs Roughriders: No Quarter Asked, None Given

Head Hunters: Sword Of Orloff

Heavyhell Raisers: Taking A Stand

Illician Lancers
4th Illician Rangers: AliciaGÇÖs Lovers
21st Illician Rangers: Drop-And-Stop
59th Strike Regiment: BradleyGÇÖs Bad Boys

KirkpatrickGÇÖs Invaders: An Indestructible Legacy

Kraken Unleashed: Riding The Wave

Legion Of The Rising Sun: Honored Exiles

Lexington Combat Group
32nd Recon Combat Group: MalcolmGÇÖs Sprinters
180th Dragoon Combat Group: MarieGÇÖs Golden Hammers
241st Battle Combat Group: FredericGÇÖs Gazelles

Little RichardGÇÖs Panzer Brigade: A Fallen Legacy

Lone Wolves: Laissez-Faire Mercenaries

Martian Cuirassiers: Paper Tiger, Steel Fangs

The Medusans: Looks Can Kill
Hydra Assault Squadron: Many Heads Make Light Work
Basilisk Assault Squadron: Winning The Staring Match

MickGÇÖs Blue Skye Rangers: Annoyance From Above

Northwind Highlanders: A Scottish Legacy
First Kearny Highlanders: TraditionGÇÖs Weight
Second Kearny Highlanders: Honor Bound
MacleodGÇÖs Regiment: Bad Boys
StirlingGÇÖs Fusiliers: Never Second Best
Northwind Hussars: ClanGÇÖs Bane

One-Eyed Jacks: Blind Justice

Periphery Star Guard: Enemies Of Entropy

PreyGÇÖs Divisionals: Family In Crisis

Raging Horde: The Mongrel Huns

Redfield Renegades: Warriors Of Defiance

ReedGÇÖs Brew: More Filling, Less Flavor

The Regulators: Victory In Loss

RubinskyGÇÖs Renegades: Up Close And Personal

SathenGÇÖs Snipers: Fangs And Claws

SkibinskiGÇÖs Salvage: We Get It Fixed

SpadeGÇÖs Brigade: Resilience Against All Odds

13th Stalking Horse: Iron Horsemen

Stealthy Tigers: The EmperorGÇÖs New Troops

Stone Ponies: Heart Of Gold

SwannGÇÖs Cavaliers: Holding The Line

The Thumpers: Business Is Business

Tiger Sharks: In At The Deep End

VinsonGÇÖs Vigilantes: Kicking And Screaming

WannamakerGÇÖs Widowmakers: Lessons Learned
WilsonGÇÖs Hussars: Never Give Up

Wild Geese: Swords And Spurs


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