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A taxonomy of keywords which are shortcuts to definitions that help mold the fiction.

  • Messy - it's particularly destructive, creating a mess, often ripping things apart. This is not controllable.
  • Potent - the Move or item is more effective than normal in what it does. You can have it do this in the fiction by describing how it effects more than the normal amount of targets, or does more damage, or has additional helpful side effects. It also fills in an additional segment of a Clock.
  • Shadow - Something that has no obvious physical manifestation (such as a flux weapon like the Faction Sombras Que Corta) other than an absence of light. Anything that is a shadow may not be used in absolute light or absolute dark locations. It ignores any armour or obstacle that isn't a uniform surface (it slips between the cracks) - so worn armour is ignored, integral armour and forcefields are not.
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