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Whenever you roll a 6- (after all modifiers) and miss on a move, you gain 1 experience point. Mark it on your playbook in the group XP track for the approach you used for the move. If you used no approach for your move, mark your playbook experience track.

At the end of a session there is also a list of goals for your playbook. If you fulfilled any of these requirements, mark you playbook experience track.

When you fill an experience track you gain an advancement from the list and erase the experience track.

Advancement List

For your first five advancements you may do one of the following:

  • Take a basic move for your playbook
  • Take a generic Faction Paradox move (note: not every general move is available as a basic advancement, some moves may only be taken after your fifth advancement, such as Umbraception unless you meet another of its requirements)
  • Take a Faction Paradox move from your membership rank or any below it.
  • Improve one of your gear slots by one
  • Improve one of the Approaches in the group you filled the advancement track in. e.g. if you filled the Insight track you can improve either Hunt, Discernment or Hack by 1.

After your fifth advancement you may also do any of the following:

  • Take an advanced move for your playbook
  • Remove a Trauma by adding a Completion
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