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 +====== Crimes Against History======
 +====The "Definitive" Faction Timeline====
 +What follows is a chronology of Faction Paradox, at least as far as chronology can be applied. Further details (on most of the subjects covered here) can be found in The Book of the War, while the events of The Faction Paradox Protocols - "the present" - aren't dealt with in this timeline.
 +The dates given are relative to the present as it's perceived by Faction Paradox, and certainly don't relate to the early twenty-first century. 
 +  *  [[FactionAncient|Ancient History]]: The Universe, Etcetera (10,000,000 Years Ago)
 +  *  [[FactionLiving|Living Memory]]: Births, Deaths and Revolutions (1,202 - 430 Years Ago)
 +  *  [[FactionModern|Modern Time]]: The Paradox Era (203 - 52 Years Ago)
 +  *  [[FactionCurrent|Current Affairs]]: The War (51 Years Ago - Present)
 +  *  [[FactionTomorrow|Tomorrow's News]]: The Future (Present - End of History)