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Punishments authorized by the Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey

  • Biodata
    • Tag (received by all convicted criminal Time Lords)
      • A biodata tattoo in the form of a serpent dragon on their right arm — This tattoo links the Time Lord to the courts though his own biodata strands.
    • Amendment
      • to make someone less curious — Used for aliens who are caught spying on the Time Lords
      • to confiscate or transfer future incarnations — Reserved for major violations of the First Law of Time.
  • Mind Block (affects memories or skills using chemicals that break down memory acids)
  • Exile from Gallifrey without a fully functional TARDIS — A common practice often viewed as being worse then death. — Often used for minor violations of the Laws of Time and violent criminals who refuse to become outsiders or hermits
  • Forced regeneration (probably regarded as a type of death sentence) — Mandatory punishment for unauthorized use of a Time Capsule.
    • A Time Lord who destroys an entire species forfeits all his remaining lives.
  • Execution by Vaporisation (via a Warrent of Termination) — High Treason and assassination of a President are both punishable by vaporisation as are major violations of the First Law of Time. — As of Arc of Infinity Morbius was the only Time Lord to be executed. — The remains of the criminal are dispersed through time and space and all records of the Time Lord's existence are deleted.
  • Imprisonment within Shada, an Oubliette, or a Phantom Sun — Used on criminals whose existence is viewed as a threat to Gallifrey.
  • Time Looping a planet (reserved for punishing an entire race) — Used on races that attempt to violate the Laws of Time.
  • Unhappening from History (using an Omnicalculator such as D-Mat gun or the Oubliette of Eternity) — As this punishment is a violation of the First Law of Time it is only enacted in secret by the President of (more often) the CIA. — Used for aliens who are caught spying on the Time Lords.
  • Time Destruction (a painful method of execution)???


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