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 +======Character Statistic======
 +{{parent page=FactionRoleplaying}}
 +===Attributes in Amber===
 +Characters in Amber DRPG are represented by four attributes: Psyche, Strength, Endurance and Warfare.
 +  *  **Psyche** is used for feats of willpower or magic.
 +  *  **Strength** is used for feats of strength or unarmed combat.
 +  *  **Endurance** is used for feats of endurance.
 +  *  **Warfare** is used for armed combat, from duelling to commanding armies
 +The attributes run from -25 (normal human level), through -10 (normal level for a denizen of the Courts of Chaos) and 0 (normal level for an inhabitant of Amber), upwards without limit. Scores above 0 are ranked",​ with the highest score being ranked 1st, the next-highest 2nd, and so on. The character with 1st rank in each attribute is considered "​superior"​ in that attribute, being considered to be substantially better than the character with 2nd rank even if the difference in scores is small."​
 +===Attributes in Faction Paradox===
 +Rather than a single numerical scale, there are levels of Attribute ability. ​ Within a particular level you can be ranked. ​ The lowest rank in a level will always be considered superior"​ to the highest rank in the level below. ​ There is no limit to the amount or ranks within a level as they are only used to differentiate characters."​
 +It is possible to have most attributes in one level and one attribute in a higher level. ​ Several races exhibit one extraordinary ability.
 +   ​- ​ **Humanoids (__H__)** - Humans, primitive humanoid aliens and human-level animals.  ​
 +   ​- ​ **Aliens (__A__)** - Gallifreyan and most aliens capable of interstellar travel - especially those that have participated in interstellar war or time travel.
 +   ​- ​ **The Great Houses (__G__)** - Including all Time Lords and Faction Paradox.
 +   ​- ​ **Outsiders (__O__)** - Osirians, Yssgaroth/​Space Vampires and Lolita.
 +   ​- ​ The primal forces of the universe **(__P__)**,​ including the Black Guardian and the White Guardian.
 +A typical member of a Great House will have Great House level Psyche, Humanoid level Strength, Great House level Endurance and Alien level Warfare.
 +A member of the Great Houses under the War King will have higher levels in Strength and Warfare.
 +A member of Faction Paradox may have any mix of Attribute levels below Outsiders.
 +==Buying Levels==
 +Buying a higher level that you would normally start with is 50 points. ​ Choosing a lower level than you would normally start with gives you 25 points.
 +i.e. a member of a Great House chooses to have Alien level Psyche and therefore gets 25 more character points to spend.
 +=====Attribute Auctions=====
 +Faction Paradox is as competitive between players as Amber. ​ Therefore attribute auctions function in almost exactly the same way - except that you must specify which of the levels you a bidding on for an attribute.
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