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the Great Houses

Taxonomy level : major_war_power

  Academicians for Game Logic Great House game theorists setting participant homeworlder great_houses tier5 , , , ,
  Eremites Rejectionist hermits predating Faction Paradox setting participant homeworlder great_houses tier5 , , , ,
  Mistress, The “Meddlesome hussy...”--the War King A former member of the Homeworld, the woman now known as the Mistress started out as many members of the Gre… , , , ,
  Mr. Peabody One of the few known renegades of House Lineacrux, Mr. Peabody has been tracked all over the Spiral Politic, “fixing” history according to his own … , , ,
  Oliver, Cousin Originally from the Newblood House Baradibontz, Oliver was cast from his family for being a disruptive influence to the House's harmony and succ… , , , ,
  Order of the Weal Rationalist cult setting participant homeworlder great_houses tier5 , , , ,
  the Bastion Project Prior to the commencement of the War there was a great worry on the Homeworld that the Culture of the Great Houses would change during the … , , , ,
  The Great Houses [The Great Houses] " The static, aristocratic bloodlines which have - traditionally - been seen as responsible for the structure of the Spir… , , , ,
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