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Based on early-late medieval wages list for England

Profession Day Week Month Annum
Mercenaries knight banneret 4s L1 8s L7 L73
Mercenaries knight 2s 14s L3 10s L36 10s
Mercenaries man-at-arms or squire 1s 7s L1 15s L18 5s
Regular Army Esquires, constables, and centenars (100) 1s 7s L1 15s L18 5s
Regular Army Mounted archers, armoured infantry, hobilars (light cavalry), vintenars (20) 6d 3s 6d 17s 6d L9 2s 6d
Regular Army Militia vintenars (20) 4d 2s 4d 11s 8d L6 1s 8d
Regular Army Archers 3d 1s 9d 8s 9d L4 11s 3d
Regular Army Militia 2d 1s 2d 5s 10d L3 10d
Regular Army Captain 8s L1 9s 2d L7 6s 1d L76 3s 5d
Regular Army Lieutenant 4s 14s 7d L3 13s L38 1s 8d
Regular Army Ensign 2s 7s 3d L1 16s 6d L19 10d
Regular Army Drummer or trumpeter 1s 8d 6s 1d L1 10s 5d L15 17s 4d
Regular Army cavalryman 1s 6d 5s 5d L1 7s 4d L14 5s 7d
Regular Army infantry 8d 2s 5d 12s 2d L6 6s 11d
Crown revenues At Peace L82 3s 10d L690 8s 2d L3452 1s 1d L36000
Labourer Semiskilled <1d 5d 2s 3d L1 4s
Noble Income Baronet 10s 11d L4 12s L23 3d L240
Noble Income Baron L1 7s 4d L11 10s 1d L57 10s 8d L600
Noble Income Earl L1 1s 11d L9 4s 1d L46 6d L480
Noble Income Duke L30 2s 8d L253 3s L1265 15s L13200
Noble Income Sergeant at Law (top lawyer) 16s 5d L3 2s 9d L15 13s 9d L163 12s 8d
Armourers Chief 10d 3s 4d 16s 11d L8 16s 11d
Armourers Others 9d 3s 15s 3d L7 19s 3d
Armourers Master 1s 3d 4s 11d L1 4s 8d L12 17s 8d
Armourers Apprentice 6d 1s 10d 9s 6d L4 19s 6d
Mason Master 4d 2s 10s L5 4s 3d
Carpenter Master 3d 1s 6d 7s 6d L3 18s 2d
Carpenter Guild incapacitated stipend 2d 1s 2d 5s 10d L3 10d
Weaver Guild 5d 1s 11d 9s 8d L5 1s 4d
Priest Chantry 3d 1s 3d 6s 3d L3 5s 10d
Squire Of Knight <1d 2d 11d 10s
Squire Of Knight Bannaret <1d 3d 1s 5d 15s
Carters, porters, falconer, grooms, messengers Merchant <1d <1d 4d 4s 3d
Carters, porters, falconer, grooms, messengers Noble <1d 1d 7d 6s 6d
Kitchen servants Merchant <1d <1d 1d 1s 6d
Kitchen servants Noble <1d <1d 3d 3s
Boys and pages Merchant <1d <1d <1d 9d
Boys and pages Noble <1d 1d 5d 4s 6d
Warden Castle 6d 2s 10d 14s 4d L7 10s
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