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lit. God Natomy
Usually translated Mother's Promise, this is the Capital City and Imperial Palace of Kartar.

The Capital City of the Kartaran Empire has expanded beyond the historical bounds and is now a huge and sprawling metropolis of over 2 million souls.


Some parts of Pei-lei-gang pre-date the Kartaran empire.

In fact, some parts of the city and the palace pre-date Kartaran history and even mythology.

The verbal history holds that the first mothers of the Banbutsunoreichou slew God, finding him in the City only after battling his armies for three days. Without a chance for rest, they then fought for seven more days, eventually destroying him. Naturally, each race claims credit for the final blow. Upon his death, a great and wonderful citadel that expressed all he had imprisoned grew within the city and the ancestors claimed this for their own. They then rested for twenty-one days, each staking out a portion of the palace. The Great Mother of the Torareichou claimed the smallest portion, but included in this was the hall that would become the Home of the Empire, or the Grand Throne.

The Smilodon remember similarly tales but claim their ancestor, exhausted beyond the others, for she had fought hardest and greatest, had fallen asleep before the others and been slain. The Smilodon have a strange relationship with death so this mattered for only a matter of months.

Ny-shian Scrolls

…speak little on this matter.

"Great Mother Aeinisaeletaiyuu crushed All beneath her paws and All died.
Great Mother Aeinisaeletaiyuu lifted her sisters one by one and breathed life and their souls back into them and they woke.
Great Mother Aeinisaeletaiyuu slumbered then, hard and deathly, and her sisters, envious of Eldyerasnaayuu, banished her from the Body.
Great Mother Aeinisaeletaiyuu will not be loved and held by this, and the Children will meet her again.

And now the sisters infest God."


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